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What Kegel program is the best?

What Kegel program is the best?

I need to wait with the newbie routine because I have other problems like bad circulation, EQ and other things I can´t even describe. So the only thing I can do right now, I think, is kegels. Until the doctors can help me, if they can.

Anyway, I need a good kegel program to increase my erect in every way.

So here is some programs, tell me which is the best:

1.Thunder place kegels

* 50 kegels, 10-15 seconds each

2. Squeeze and release kegel

*Start with a set of 20-30 and work your way up to sets of 100-200 , just Squeeze and release

3. Long Squeeze

* Hold PC muscle clamped tight for a count of twenty… or as long as you can.

* Start with a set of 20-30 and work your way up to sets of 100-200.

4. Flutter kegel

* Tighten the PC muscle as slowly as you possibly can

* At some point it will “flutter,” and you’ll feel energy sparkling up your spine. Concentrate on deep, slow breathing while you do this.

* Start with a set of 20-30 and work your way up to sets of 100-200.

5. Stair steps kegels

* Tighten and loosen your PC muscle in increments.

* Start with a set of 20-30 and work your way up to sets of 100-200.

6. Combined kegel

* Do about 12-20 PC flexes.

* Hold the last flex for about 10 seconds

* Rest for 1 minute

* Do 2 or 3 more sets just like before, resting 1 minute in between each.

7. Kegel and rest

*Stroke your penis to an erection

*Tense the PC muscle until your penis jumps up

* Hold for 3-5 seconds

*Relax for 5 seconds. This is the end of one repetition

*Repeat for the desired number of reps. Start slowly with 50-100 reps a day and slowly build up to 500 reps.

8. Ultimate kegel combination

* Do the desired number of reps, of program 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7

9. Ultimate kegel combination (week combination)


Monday program 1
Tuesday program 2
Wednesday program 3
Thursday program 4
And so on…..

or (with rest days)

Monday program 1
Tuesday program 2
Wednesday rest
Thursday program 4

Most of these programs recommend to be erect while kegel to have a better effect.
The thing is that I get flaccid after like 2 reps.

Question 1: Do you think its better to be kegel erect for a better EQ and erect length?

Question 2: What program is the better, or is there another combination that is even better?

Question 3: How do your kegel program look like?

Forgot to say when i did the newbie routine before I did around 50* 5-10 second kegels after warmdown at the computer or Tv.
I diden´t count, just did them. And I diden´t really concentrate when I did them. Like stretching in the gym or in the athletic classes at school, you stretch but without concentration.

I know I have worse EQ compare to some years ago but I don´t know whats the cause.

From my understanding of things, if your EQ is going down hill, you are doing to much and need to back off of something.

I think most of us, including me, just kegel, we don’t do a “program”.

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Nice list you have. I will add this page to my favorites so I can come to it in the future.

Thanks. I add this page to my favorites too.

Anyway, I do kegels only during my pumping sessions. I this way I also feel a good stretching sensation.

1. I like to kegel when erect because I also work in some edging. I enjoy the erect kegels (the edging helps pass the time) so I do them that way, but I have no real thoughts on whether erect or flaccid kegels are “better” from a physiological standpoint.

2. They all look like decent programs to me. I think as long as you’re doing your kegels, and mixing it up somewhat, you’re ahead of the curve and in good shape.

3. My program is:

a. 6 5-second kegels, rest, repeat
b. 12 2-second kegels
c. 6 sets of 5 1-second kegels, rest, repeat
d. Repeat a-c
e. A few “long kegels” (hold as long as I can)
f. End

I like a variety of short and long kegels, seems to work for me.

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