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Which one is better in your opinion?

Which one is better in your opinion?

I’m in a big dilemma which one to buy. I’m short on money and I really want to think this through, don’t want to make a bad decision. Help me guys out. :)

You’ve probably figured out that both devices are supposed to keep the penis stretched for longer period of time. I was pretty sure I was going to buy silicone cup, but I’ve been reading around (and the seller himself has said so) and found out that those silicone cups wear out over time. I want something that will last long and won’t have to be changed (i.e. bought again) after 6-8 months (or even less). Stainless steel ball seems more durable, obviously. It weights 12.75 oz (360 grams). Tube is made of silicone and attached to ball with industrial magnets. I hope they’re durable as well. Also, can that kind of device change the glans shape even slightly? I would probably wear it with some kind of a wrap on. Also, how much force does silicone cup ADS exert compared to 12.75 oz ball?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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You’ve gained very nearly 1/2” in length in LESS than 2 months…and you want to change something? I think whatever you are doing is working very well. Why don’t you keep doing it and save your money?

I’m planning for future. :) I won’t gain from newbie routine forever.

Originally Posted by UpTo7

I’m planning for future. :) I won’t gain from newbie routine forever.

Some people can with proper decon and technique. Check out Equine Rooster’s progress thread “Moving on Up”

I know… I actually started looking for something to prevent turtling and keep penis mildly stretched throughout the day, then I figured if I’m going to buy something, I might as well buy an ADS.

I’ll give that thread a read.

Edit: I can’t find it for some reason.


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