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Who Will Explains About Voltage Of ROP.

Who Will Explains About Voltage Of ROP.

See pics 9:30 pm voltage 0.55 11:30 am 0.61 volts. 11:45 in the night 0.20 volts. With saline solution in the morning 11:45 am 0.77 volts. What is this.

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Not sure what “ROP” stands for, and therefore I’m not understanding the question, but here goes:

Maybe you know this stuff already, but the differences in your volt meter readings could be a number of things. The pressure variation from the meter lead to the metal, a bit of corrosion on the metal surface under the meter lead. To get a consistent reading, use some alligator clamps on the metal. If there is water or saline solution involved they will affect the measurements too, better connection/conduction.

ROP = Reversal Of Polarity. I see. The voltage should be the same either way.


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