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Why the Hell Isn't PE Not Working for Me???


If I can’t jerk off forget it.

I’m not looking to screw my life around, just grow my dick.

KP - I probably wasn’t so relaxed doing PE because my mom was around a couple times and interrupted me. But the other times she wasn’t and it was still a problem I think.

I think you have to be VERY relaxed doing PE to allow the tissue to stretch, that’s what the whole point of warming up/down is. I have alot of stress right now.

8.5'' here we come!



Just jerked off.

My penis felt “fuller”. Little more meaty than usual. Would this be because of the jelqing or stretching?

Also what would’ve caused a softy to turtle, the stretching or jelqing.

Because I’d like to keep the good and kick the bad.

ALSO: Recently I started getting a bit tender around the hole. It hurts when I rub against boxer stitching. Would this have been caused more from stretching (grabbing the head) or jelqing (i use olive oil fyi).

Thanks guys.

8.5'' here we come!


Someone mentioned a PE session after sex, did result in more elasticity. This might be worth something, PE session after sex, but do not orgasm. Perhaps there is some hormonal balance released during an actual sex encounter, that allows more plyability - which will help with the PE.

^ Golden rule -

never PE 2 hours before or after “playing”.

8.5'' here we come!


Do as you will but from my experiences if you don’t masterbate, and yes I know it is really hard not to, PE is much easier to do because you can get erect quite easily.

The head soreness is definitely from stretching. Sounds like you’re stretching or gripping too hard. I always stick to a rule for myself: Stretch as hard as I can and effectively as I can without hurting my skin. Injuries will make you go in circles with PE.

Jelqing should be giving you a nice fluffy flaccid. I kind of think of stretching as a warm up.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

^ I’m not a big fan of stretching; and I would think the turtling and head soreness might be from that.

I’m gonna keep with it, but only as a warm up. And very light at that.

KP suggested 45 mins. of fowfering at night, which I started doing.

8.5'' here we come!


Stretching and jelqing are rudimentary to PE IMO.
I therefore think that stretching, and jelqing, to a lesser extent should feature in EVERY PE practitioners routine. Perhaps not on the daily basis but should definitely be in your program.

The main reason for turtling and excessive turtling is said to be from overworking your penis. It could be that after your break you’re simply not ready yet.
Take things slow. Perhaps take on a routine like memento’s, with scheduled breaks.
Or just vary your routine enough to make it more interesting to you.

You may not like these exercises but they’re not designed to be overly enjoyable. They’re designed to make your dick grow. The enjoyment comes when you reap the rewards of size and confidence with a partner.

I would keep the stretching as a standard for all workouts, use a heat lamp if you can. It will really loosen things up and will give you the biggest flaccid you can achieve if combined with a good, yet light, stretching routine.

What are your aims milwaukee? Do you just want length for now? In my mind once you know what you want you need to decide on the way in which you want to get it. Ultimately if it’s length many end up hanging, and if it’s girth many clamp and jelq. Obviously, you know this but I would just advise you to decide and work toward preparing yourself for the route you want to take. This will help you shape a routine to fit around what you can do more easily and practically. Rather than forcing yourself to do things you can’t get in a groove with.

^ I’d say I want more length than girth, but if I had to give you a number on it I want an inch in length and a half inch or more in girth.

I’ll look up Memento’s routine, but for now fowfers have been working, and the jelqing too (my dick’s been more meaty). I’ll keep stretches don’t worry, but no way in hell am I doing BTC’s or any such sh*t for the time being, maybe just some warmup stuff.

8.5'' here we come!


To each his own mate. Done consistently, I believe all of the exercises on here can work.

I wish you luck.

^ Well to be fair I’ve been doing fowfers, soo….

8.5'' here we come!



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