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Yoga For Better Performance/ED Issues


Originally Posted by djrobins
good idea. Yoga enhances circulation and a more positive mindstate.

Yoga encourages relaxation and being centered which means larger flaccid and erections.

Indeed yoga helps to relax the mind and make your body fit. It is a philosophy

Originally Posted by bwilliams
I don’t claim to be an expert at sex, I just know what helped me personally to improve. I have done yoga and bodybuilding for 35 years.
Yoga/meditation has led to a variety of experiences for me.
1) It has allowed me to slow down before, during and after sex—to stop and pay attention when my penis was telling me to speed up the moment..
2) It allowed me to really connect my sexuality to my heart. Personally, for me, that’s the best sex and deserves the word “love” making.
3) I feel most integrated and light in my body when regularly doing yoga, I feel more like Gumby having sex vs a bull having sex. Though I like being a bull sometimes.

Weightlifting especially leg work—squats being number 1, always improved EQ. I think squats are super kegels. I remember decades ago a Mr Universe allowed a research doc to test a few things, One was that the doc somehow had checked Mr you’s sphincter muscle when tensed and he said it almost broke off his finger. It was attributed to squats.

I agree with the lower leg workouts! I just started lifting and wow. The sex has been explosive! I think any type of workout is beneficial so long as it incorporates flexibility, strength, and endurance. I haven’t done yoga, but the Romanian dead lifts have really helped foot issues related to flexibility (plantar fasciitis, Achilles’s tendonitis, etc).

Indeed, yoga helps to relax the mind and make your body fit. It is a philosophy and people usually come to this kind of activity consciously. More than that, it is not just a kind of sport but a lifestyle. Those people who practice yoga usually pursue the goal of self-improvement, not only physical but primarily spiritual. I realized that I desire to meditate only after my child’s birth. I was inspired a lot by an article that I found on Honestly, it is a very interesting topic very closet for me.

Haven’t done yoga yet but I have implemented a lot of mobility work to improve my boxing.

That has helped tremendously and I will soon be adding in yoga weekly for further benefit.


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