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ADS How much weight will work

ADS How much weight will work

I have looked at a post about hanging a boat anode as an ADS. These weigh a pound give or take an ounce and can be worn under loose pants. I had an idea for a similar device using a 3in X 9in piece of neoprene and attaching weight to it and closing it over the shaft with a Velcro fastener. Similar to a wrist weight or ankle weight used in sport training. I made one and I will where it tomorrow. My job is one where I am on my feet most of the day so if it works it could be effective all day. My question is how much weight is enough do be affective if worn all day (5-8 hours)? Unfortunately I can not post in the hanger forum yet so I hope this will reach a person with some knowledge on the subject. Thanks for reading this and I appreciate any help.


Sounds like a fabulous idea to me. I’ve always been interested in building an ADS that works with neoprene or a similar material that would work more as a traction device. That doesn’t apply directly to what you’re asking, but I like the idea nonetheless.

Now on to your question; I think any weight worn for 5-8 hours will be suitable enough to produce results. A heavier weight will definitely do more, but you risk injury from too much pressure build-up on your glans. Keeping your unit in nice working order is the most important thing to remember during any PE routine. Regardless of the weight you use, be sure to check the color and temperature of your glans at least every 30 minutes. Take off the device at the first sign of numbness and wait awhile for the blood to start circulating again before reapplying the device. I would recommend trying this at home on the weekend first to see how much weight you can handle and for how long. Experiment with different weights and setups until you find the one that works best for you and is the most comfortable.

Finally, I’ll say that you won’t need to hang much weight during the day if you start and maintain a “traditional” hanging routine (20 minute sets with marginally greater weight). If you did this, then even one pound during the day would be enough to keep your ligs and tunica stretched enough to produce noticeable results.


Keeping a free weight ADS on comfortably is the trick. You can start with 1 pound and work up to about 2 or 3. What you will find is the wrap that keeps the weight on will be the limiter in terms of wearing time and comfort. As the weight increases the stress on the glan increases and because the internal structures cannot be gripped for support the pressure ends up on the glans. To combat this you’ll need to allow a little skin to cushion against the glan. When you wrap to tight you’ll get head swelling, to loose and everything falls off. I wear 2lbs 8 to 15 hours a day and have been doing that for the last year.

An ADS free weight in and of itself is really of no use without extracurricular hanging. They will give a nice flaccid hang but in terms of erect gains there won’t be much. Having said that though, an ADS between hanging sessions is the trick to consistent gains without inordinate weight increases because they act as a tensioner to prevent regression of ligament extension.

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Thanks for the info gentlemen. I am going to wear it at work today and have had it on for the past half hour or so. The thing looks sort of like a bullet belt and is very comfortable. I have seen that the small cushion of skin is how I will try to wear it today. The limitations of the weight type I used made it so it only weighs 3/4 of a pound but it is very stealthy. I have not had to run in it though! It only adds about 3/4 if an inch to my circumference and hangs straight down. I was looking at different metals and I could make the same design out of tungsten and get it to weight 1.5 to 3 pounds with little or no gain in the overall size or shape. The only problem is that tungsten is very expensive comparatively. But hey, nothings to good for my guy. Again thanks for the responses!

Thanks I always wondered about that myself. The light weight ADS

Is a supplement to hanging heavier weights.

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