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AFB3 - say goodbye to PVC!!!


AFB3 - say goodbye to PVC!!!

I bought two 6” wooden rulers at Michael’s for 29 cents each, plus some beads…may not be clear from the photo, but the hook string is tied to the front and back strings.

A nice improvement in this design is the dual holes on the back, which appear to eliminate twisting.

No metal (except for the S-Hook), and the whole thing weighs ten grams - 4/10 ounce.

I might have spent ten minutes making it - might have….

I am guessing that’s because I don’t see any photo on the site here or your own site.

I’ve sent a secone request to post the photo I uploaded. Don;t have time now to re-do the web page.

Question on the rulers thing. I can see how PVC wouldn’t be a big deal in regards to slipping, but I am wondering about the gloss coating that are sometimes on wooden rulers. What do you think?

Also am thinking it would be great to perhaps sand the rulers (I am thinking about using four of them, two combined on each side) towards the edges thereby creating a slightly elliptical shape for comfort. Comments?

I think he’s just a hanger tease! You’re gonna get a baaaad rap as a tease, Tom! :)

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I’m waiting for him to make one out of two bar magnets, one copper plated, the other zinc.



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Try, try again

2nd try to upload the pic…

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Thumbs up to Tom for his ingenuity! The design is very simple and economical. I noticed in his video how easily he donned and removed his hanger. I have not had the same ease of transition. I guess he is just well practiced. The one thing that I like about the ruler hanger is the deflection that will distribute the pull more around the shaft. I am currently using Tom’s AFB2 design which I have modified. I will post a picture of it as soon as I can grab my daughter’s digital camera. I used a Dremel (a hand-held rotary power tool with multiple attachment capability - I love this tool almost as much as my own “tool”) to sand a slightly convex groove in the flattened PVC on both sides this formed a [()] shape. I use just a tiny bit more wrapping and get a very comfortable grip. I also drilled two holes at the back and used nylon ties to form the hinge.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

All very interesting. Jelktoid, I am looking forward to your pic.

My concern about the beads is that it gives less of a variance in pressure than a wingnut that could be dialed much finer. I don’t know if this is a problem but I am just curious.



You are you, yes?

You get the frigging thing to work for you and what the f__ else mattters?

Beads aren’t perfect? Adjust the knot….

Tom, I read another post right before this where you lambasted some dude (‘solid’ about his hanging).

Sorry if my questioning has bothered you, but you gotta get it together… My questions were in the interest of perfecting a design. Believe me, that will be the last question I will be asking you.


What question are you referring to?

My next to last post was essentially a feeler for your input ( or anyone else’s) on whether the beads gave a decent enough ‘dialing in’ ability. I’ve read so many people talk about constriction and problems with get hangers to work that I was just wondering about it as I am set to make my hanger and deliberating beads or wingnut.

I didn’t pose it in the form of a question (that is, with a question mark) but just thought it would be inferred as a question for input.


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