best wrapping I've found

After about 1.5 yrs of hanging and experimenting with all different types of wraps, I thought I should share what I’ve found that works best for me.

I’ve tried many many different materials (cloth, toilet paper, theraband, saran wrap, etc.), but there’s one that really stands out, and I always use today. I found it when looking to find Ace Bandage wrap to see if it could help my doughnut problem. I couldn’t find this, but I had seen pictures, so got the equivalent of a different brand. I also picked up some other bandage materials I thought could be promising. The Ace-type bandage worked really well for me, but it was a bit too rough to be ideal.

I finally settled on Nexcare foam “First-Aid” tape. The best way to use this, I’ve found, is NOT to leave 1” of room from the head to begin the wrap. Instead, begin the wrap right under the head, hugging the ridge. In this way, the doughnut problem is much less pronounced, allowing me to hang for a much longer amount of time without extreme soreness.

This wrap alone is probably enough for most hangers, but I usually add a cloth wrap after it for extra comfort.

The down sides are:

1. I’ve only found the stuff in the 1” size, so it can take quite a while to do
the wrap (and remove it)
2. It’s very adhesive, and removing it IS a bit painful.

However, these two problems are certainly worth it, to me. I’m quite sure I wouldnt be able to hang weights as nearly as heavily as I do without this wrap, and the pain from removal is nothing compared to the possible pain from usage of the other wraps I’ve tried.

Let me know how this wrap works out for you who try (or have tried) it.