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Blink2000's Hanging Guide

At this point I think the guide needs some definitive information on “cementing gains”. I lost nearly all of my initial PE gains because I quit too early. If you think about it… cementing gains is just as important as getting gains in the first place. I actually didn’t even realize it was possible to lose most or all of my gains. Of course I know better now.

I think I’m understanding hanger settings better than ever before as well. I figure by the time I’ve been hanging a few more months, and I’m truly back in the swing of things, I’ll have something insightful to add to this little guide.

As a future hanger I’m definitely bookmarking this. :) Nice work.

Wow. What a plethora of useful information. Thank you for this.I used my bib starter for the first time today!

So a wet cloth for two minutes would be more effective than re-applying a hot rice sock for ten minutes at the end of a hanging session?

I’m lovin’ the name unemployedPEguy. Some consider PE a career though :D

& Whatever gives heat the most efficient way, try both and see what you like.

Thanks for the response.

Whoops. I meant to ask “would a *cold* wet cloth for two minutes be more effective than a hot rice sock warm down?” The article actually doesn’t mention warming down.

I’m glad you like the name. :D

It does cover warm-down vs cooldown.

Personally, I prefer a warm-down. I only cooldown if I feel I’m near injury.

To find the section on this subject look for

Q:Should a Cooldown or Ice be used with PE workouts and how long should you cooldown if you do one? “

Great post blink thanks for the wisdom you shared.

Referring to the rotation of the penis during BTC hanging, it happens to me too. The thing is I use an Vac-hanger and while BTC it always rotate on left. You said that you`re penis rotate inside the hanger mine is rotating with the hanger, and it`s a full rotation to the left.I hang two days at left and 2 at right that was my solution to switch the side.

But after reading better to you`re thread it`s not a very good one. When I hang BTC I sat on the border of the chair and I thought if I move a backer so my penis is closed to the border of the chair so it will remain straight . My question it wouldn`t that change a bit the angle from ligs on BTC to the tunica ?.

What would you suggest?


BTC and SD are very similar angles, both target almost exactly the same tissues.

About hanger twisting; I find as you increase the weight this becomes less of an issue. It’s mostly an issue early on at low weight. At least in my experience.

If you’re hanger is twisting at 5lbs+, then there’s likely something wrong with your wrap or hanger settings.

If you REALLY lose gains then it makes sense to assume it was ligaments gains in the first place. It’s easy to see how it could retract itself. The actual penis can’t become shorter.

The first quality is the power to endure.

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Blink I don’t know why you haven’t received more comments on this thread, It’s a great read! You have put together all the info I need. I never went through it before because I was vac hanging but now I’m using a bib.

Thanks—I always appreciate the feedback. Hopefully this will help you make a smoother transition (from VAC to traditional hanging).

I hope so too.
Does Bib mean that you should hang with enough weight to feel fatigue in the first 2 sets then lower the weight for the 3rd set. If so If I’m hanging 6 times a day split into 2 sets of 3x20 mins should I do this twice or just the first 2 sets on my first 3x20 mins set then lower the weight for the 3rd then the keep the weight lower for my 2nd set of 3x20 mins?

(I mentioned I was not reaching substantial fatigue)
Originally Posted by Bib/Bigger
OK, why have you not reached fatigue within the first set or two of a session, so that you have to reduce the weight in subsequent sets? I do not see that you are reaching fatigue early, then riding the fatigue.

I just realized how bad I am at trying to explain something!


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