Position of veins to indicate length of internal penis?

I know people (myself included) are both intrigued by and yet not entirely satisfied with the LOT theory as a means to determine how much internal penis there is and therefore how much to be gained by focusing on lig stretch.

Though I think there probably is some validity to LOT, I was wondering if anyone has ever considered using the position of certain major, obvious blood vessels as a possible indicator of how much penis is inside and how much out?

Specifically, there are two relatively large, collar-like blood vessels at the base of my penis which I remember were not visible before I started PE. The are roughly shaped like this \ / when viewed from above (looking down at the top side of the penis) and looking at other peoples’ pics, I see they are usually there for most people (I realize that when it comes to smaller veins and capillaries there will be larger individual variations, but I figure that the biggest blood vessels will be pretty similar in their positioning on everyone, just like everyone has the obvious pair of big blood vessels on their wrists.)

So, it seemed to me that since I started PE these blood vessels went from being literally inside of me to a position near the base. Looking at the pics of more experienced PEers, especially the before and afters, I see that the longer guys usually have these blood vessels visible and that they also tend to move noticeably further up the shaft as they gain length, indicating that more of the internal penis has been stretched out and thus positioning these blood vessels higher on the shaft. Before-and-After Measurement Pictures The difference seems most visible to me here with PEnine and Commanderblop’s photos, though in some cases I’d wish the before picture was clearer.

If we guess that these blood vessels are located in a roughly similar position on most guys say, one third of the way up the total shaft, then might we not be able to use their position to estimate what percentage of the shaft is still internal? I.e. if these blood vessels are already 1/3 up the shaft then we might say you’ve already pulled out the internal penis to the limit (though I don’t think you’d ever get so far without damaging it—obviously at least a little bit of the penis is meant to be internal—also keep in mind i’m totally fudging these numbers). If these blood vessels are at the very base or not even visible yet then we might say at least 1/3 of the penis is still being held in by the ligs and therefore there is more to gain from lig stretch, etc.?

Anyway, I may be crazy, but I’d be interested to hear if other people would find this helpful or if it in any way corresponds to personal experience. Do people who have gained a lot by hanging and lig stretch notice a significant upward shift (away from the body) in these blood vessels (or other major ones)?

Began @ 6.25 NBPEL X 5.00 EG, Now @ 7.00 NBPEL X 5.00 EG, Goal: 8.0 NBPEL X 6.00 EG