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Im,not to sure if growth is the cause and effect of an adaptive reflex,or is the cause by the effect of “stress over a given period of time”.can any one answer this?.As i might have a routine to trail.


It’s both. The General Adaptation Syndrome in humans states that it requires a given stress to make an adaptation to that stress which equals growth in our case. But, it also requires that we either increase the amount of stress over time if we are doing the same type of thing, or change the type of stress to force a new adaptation.

I think I may know where you are going with this, so just keep in mind that regardless of the type of stress we apply to the penile tissues, they will all eventually need to increase to bring about further growth. I am writing up a fairly long post that deals with this and some other stuff, so feel free to chime in with your idea for a routine :)

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Thankyou for the reply,i look forward to your future post on the related issue,so i will hold back on anything concrete at the moment.Essentially if it is both adaption and stress over a given time ,and a need for a change to the type of stress and the amount required for further growth to take place.My idea was an adaption of a program called ramping ,that is you vary the intensity,and volume of the stress while increasing it over a given period of time to a point of near acute over-training.Then you back off ,while still training at an optimal level ,but no way near the level previous ,thus allowing the bodies hyper reflex action to take place and theoretically gain ,and gain well.What do you think?

The recent ‘Putting Punctuated PE to the test’ thread has some interesting information you may want to look at, which talks about simply stopping for a while so that you can restart with similar forces. Its also worth doing a search on ‘plateau’.

Personaly, I think that it may be possible to extend the time between plateau’s by doing intense girth excercises for a short period thus forcing the body to adapt to a lateral force and hopefully weaken the reaction against stretching. Jelktoids doing an expiriment on something similar which I’m sure he’ll report on soon.

The concept of ramping force to extend time between plateau’s is I think what a lot of people are doing, in that if they see no gains they try adding more weights or increasing intensity before going for a break.


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