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Does pumping provide maximum expansion?

Does pumping provide maximum expansion?

OK, so I know a lot of it has to be fluid. But after a 3 x 8 minute 7psi set, I had the biggest dick I have ever had. It had to be at least 5.5 in FG when I took it out.

How much is expansion and how much is fluid? Will the EG ever match the trophy coming out of the tube? I have never clamped more than 5.375 so it was like… whoaaa, whose dick is that????

Are you guys seeing this much expansion (ie. more than clamping)? I have heard 6 months before seeing erect gains…?

During the time frame you are using it’s unlikely that you’d build up much lymphatic fluid. But, at 7 psi, you could.

Try dropping down to 3 - 5 psi in the same time frame and see what happens.



Thanks. Going to try 4 x 7 min at 5 hg. By using my little air pillow, my length is stable at where I want it and the expansion is all in the width (which is where I want it).

I am now going one on, one off as I find I always get my best pump after a rest day.

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