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donuts and uneven lymph buildup

donuts and uneven lymph buildup

After long sessions donuts and uneven bumps of lymph fluid occour. Because i’m uncut the foreskin also balloons up looking very unsymetrical as a result from the donut.. Wrapping with tape fixed the central bumps of lymph build up but can’t seem to shift the foreskin donut.. any advice or methods? Thanks


I’m cut, but for me, it helps to take breaks from time to time during the session and afterward, and use the time during the break to do some light massaging or jelqs.


It’s pretty simple… use less pressure while pumping. I never go past 6hg. I work up to that using 15 minute sets: 1st set 4hg, 2nd-5hg, 3rd-6hg, 4th-6hg.

Using a proper sized tube is important too. The circumference of the tube should not be much greater than your erect cock.


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I know you said that tape wrapping didn’t fix the build up in your foreskin but I’m uncut too and what works great for me is to tape at least 1,5” from just below the head towards the base of my penis.

I use 2 sections of Johnson & Johnson’s waterproof tape. Each section I cut is 1” wide and about 7.5-8” long. I wrap the first piece of tape right below my glans while pulling the foreskin as far back as I can. I then put the second tape so that it covers the lower 1/4 of the first tape and stick it around my dick, always pulling my foreskin as far back as I can.

I don’t know if this can be of any help for you but it sure works great for me. I pumped 2x15min at 10-12 Hg this morning and didn’t get much of a donut.


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