New lig stretch while pumping

You will need a straight walled cock and ball tube for this one,.. if you don’t go to my post in Secjay’s super cheap-skate pump project, I described how to make one out of a spaghetti tube. This exercise is best done laying down in the tub. Fill your tube with warm tub water as you would for hydro pumping and apply suction to get your whole package (Balls included) into the tube. Apply enough pressure to get a tighter seal than usual(you will know what you can handle). All you do now is lay back and elevate your hips and let gravity stretch the ligs out. If you want more resistance soak a towel and put it on the tube, depending on where you position it on the tube you can increase or decrease the amount of stretch applied. This method also allows you do pyramid sets of cycling up the weight resistance then down again similar in effect to bodybuilding and providing greater fatigue to the ligs. I use this method to workout the ligs around the base of my penis as opposed to my method in Cycling pressure up and down…work those ligs baby, which increases volume and applys a good stretch to the ligs in the penile shaft. Keep in mind that this is a base lig stretching exercise, not a volume building exercise and you will find that by pyramiding your going to get excellent fatigue around the base. Typcally I do 5 minute sets of 30secs. under stress then 30 secs relax,at the end of 5 min take a 2 min rest then follow with another 5 min set. I’ll do this routine for about an hour which gives me a total of 30min actual stretch time. This is not an exercise for Newbies and shouldn’t be done until you are at least 2 months into serious pe’ing. Also, I stay in the tube for the duration until all sets have been completed. Try this and add your own variations such as “bouncing” the tube or applying a kegal followed immediatly with a reverse kegal. I’d like to know what you guys think of this one so post back please.