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pumping frequency


Originally Posted by doggmann
For those of you that go 1 on/1 off with pumping, do you jelq or stretch on the non-pumping days or just perform pc work? I’ve been pumping for the last 3 months, generally daily, but with a day off when I’m either too busy or feel sore.I jelq between sets and have noticed improvement in length and girth, as well as enhanced erectile function, but naturally want to maximize the return on my efforts.

I jelq on my off days for about 10-20 minutes in the morning. This gives me a great hang throughout the day yet isn’t enough of a workout to really tax my penis. All of my PC work happens while I’m pumping as I perform some very intense kegel work while in the tube.

Thanks. I went 3 on/1 off so far this week with pumping. I took last night off, except for some light stretching and a few dry jelqs after showering. I do my kegels every morning on my way to work. I think I’ll run the training this way for 6 weeks or so and see if my gains are affected either way.

I must say due to the fact that I just got back into pumping, I pumped 3 days straight and yesterday was an off day and I was solid as a rock with my SO last night.

I’m going to stick to the one day on/one off for the heavy girth stuff like pumping and clamping. 5 on/2 off for lighter stuff like jelqing.

Any thoughts on clamping as a warm up to pumping?

i.e jelq/clamp/pump?

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If you’ve had success with clamping then I would go for a routine that combining it with pumping. Two positives don’t equal a negative.

I never had much success with clamping, although the one time I reached 6” girth post workout was during a clamp session. However that only happened once. Clamping is just too taxing for me; lost night wood, had trouble maintaining erections during workouts which made me look at the workouts as a crappy chore as opposed to a much anticipated chance to enlarge my penis.


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