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Ready to order a pump,but having BIG TROUBLES....


Ready to order a pump,but having BIG TROUBLES....

After reading the pumpers section for the last few days,LA pumpers seems to be the go to place to buy pumps.

The only problem is that I have webtv,and it will not allow me to see the pumps they have.For those who are not familiar with webtv,its just a small box that you hook up to your tv and get the internet on.But there are many things that that you cant read or watch on a webtv that you can on a computer.

So I am hoping you guys will help me find a pump that suits my needs.I would deeply appreciate it.

Im about 6.25-6.5 nonbonepressed erect and 5 inches in girth.

Though I would like to make gains in both dimensions(length and girth),I am really looking to increase my girth,and diameter if possible.

I really dont understand the difference between a pump with water and just a regular pump.I guess the pump with water is better? I have read of people pumping while in a tub,and I am guessing that this is for the non water pumps.I am 100% unable to pump in a tub,so if water does help,then I guess a water pump would be the best option.

As for the cost,there is no limit on what I will spend.I have bought 2 pumps before,both cheap ones I seen out of magazines,and wasted my time and money on both,so I am trying to get the best one possible.

Also,do you guys know if LA pumps will ship to a PO Box?Last time I had a pump sent to my house,my parents found it.Not a good feeling,trust me.

Thanks in advance,Hope to hear from you guys soon.

The model to get is the Deluxe. The tube size to get is 1 3/4 x 10”. This is not a “water” pump; water will corrode the gauge.

You should visit the site and see what you are buying. Go to a public library or to an internet cafe and have a look.

I don’t know if they ship to PO Boxes but I suspect they do. A lot of their customers probably want to protect their privacy by using boxes.

Some guys swear by water pumping (you can also do it in a shower if you don’t have a tub). I don’t think gains come any faster with water pumping than with “dry” pumping. And with water you have to be very careful about getting blisters because the water softens your skin so.



I use a Dr Kaplan pump that I bought at a “toy” store, but you can buy them from their website also. I dont know the difference between a Kaplan and the pumps sold by LAPumps.

I have had no problem with my pump except that I went from a 1.75” tube to a 2” tube when I got to 5.25” pretty quickly. It has taken me awhile to pack the 2” tube but I do almost daily if I pump enough sessions with enough heat.

If you cant see the pump on the computer, go to a toy store and take a look. If you decide to buy there be sure it has a guage.

Good luck

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Thanks so much you guys for replying.

Avocet8,I dont know of any cafe’s with internets around here,and I wouldnt dare go to library and look this up.Its almost always crowded,and plus I am not sure it will come up there because there computers blocks alot of things of that nature.

I wasnt real sure about the water pump anyway,so thanks for setting me straight.
I am going to order by your layout( deluxe, size 1 3/4 x 10 inches).

Is there anything else I should know before I go to order,or should I do just fine by ordering the deluxe 1 3/4 x 10 ?

Thanks again.

Go for the Deluxe and that tube, IMO.



Thanks again avocet for your reply.

I tried to go to their website and push order,and I was unable to.I received the same message as before,that I cant open that link.

I was wondering if you know any other companies that sells the same pump,in the same sizes.Kaplan is the only other popular company that I know,but when I checked out their site,I really didnt see it mention sizes,which is obviously very important.

I would really like to order from the LA pumps.I would email them,but from the many messages I have read on here,they have a habit of not returning emails,and they have a subpar custumor service.

So does anyone know of another good company that sells the deluxe pumps in a variety of sizes?
Or does anyone have any idea of How I could order from LA pumps if I cant get into the order form?
Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if they take orders by phone, but they do have a phone number listed on their site. If you can’t get to the site, PM me and I will give you the phone number that they have listed.

If you are looking to save some money you might want to check into getting a Mityvac pump from autozone. It’s used for bleeding brakes and for diagnostic purposes on autos. I purchased it there for about $27 and then ordered a cylinder and male coupler from LA pump for about $85. That’s just another option for the pump. Oh yeah, the mityvac pump can be used to pump with water.

Hope this helps.

Web t.v. LOL! You don’t realize the flash-back that gave me… My first internet device was, yah you guessed it, Web t.v. I was so impressed with the thing that I bought one for my Mom and Dad both. Soon after my terrible mistake I realized I couldn’t do shit with the thing… Nice to know someone else out there did the same thing.. Here is my advice..

Stay away from the typical adult shops. In Seattle we have the Love Pantry and Taboo video, both of which are only good to buy porn or a toy for your wife. For serious pumping equipment they really suck shit and sell total junk… There is a mostly gay shop in Seattle called “the crypt” that carries three different mfg’s of pumping gear with at least a dozen different sizes for each type. I’m guessing that if you live in or near a city of any size that there will be a “fag hut” (that is what the gays that live around here call them so no one jump on me for saying that). I would go there to get an idea of what you want to get. The people at the crypt in Seattle are great and their prices are nearly that of what you would pay for with the mail order wait method… Given the way I was brought up it was damn hard for me to walk into a fag hut and inquire about pumping gear but looking back on it I’m very glad I did.. Give one a try and I’m sure you will see that they have the good quality stuff…


Thanks Njohn for the reply.
After my dissapointment of not being able to get into most sections on the LA pump site,I searched around and found another company.Its called Newart,and their website is penis enlargement, penis pumps, vacuum pumps, penis enhancement, erectile dysfunction.
I remember hearing about this company a long time ago.

They seem to be a good company,and they sell cylinders in sizes,but the cylinders are 9 inches in length,instead of 10.But you can tell them you want it longer,and they will make it longer,but rather or not it cost extra or if it will take longer, that I am not sure of.

Anybody ever try this company?

Also,I was wondering if you guys use an electric pump,or a hand pump.
Though its pricy,I decided to go with an electric pump,but have a few concerns.

1.Does an electric pump actually use electric?Do you have to plug it into a socket,like you do a lamp or radio ?
2.Are they loud?
I am guessing that they vary in loudness.I read that Dr. Joels pumps can be loud.
I am just curious how loud they are.Do any of you guys have experiences with electic pumps?If so,could you compare the loudness of it to something.

Also for avocet,As I mentioned earlier, I am about 6.5 in length.Do you think I should just order the 9 inch cylinder( standard size) or ask them to make mine 10 inches? In your opinion.I know you said that you should aim for a cylinder atleast 4 inches longer in length than you are, so 9 inches would be 2.5 inches longer.I am guessing I should ask for a 10 inch cylinder.

Thanks again guys.

Okay,after doing some more research,I have found that electric pumps are not neccessary,and can have various problems such as the motor and such.I am not very handy when it comes to these things,and would be very dissapointed if I had a problem that I could not fix.

I decided to go with a hand pump.I beleive that is what most of you guys use anyway, correct?
To avocet or anyone who knows,at penis enlargement, penis pumps, vacuum pumps, penis enhancement, erectile dysfunction they have a deluxe metal hand pump with a gauge.I was wondering if this is the same as the deluxe model sold at the LA pumpers site?
This store also sells a few other kinds of pumps(brass and some plastic ones) but none mentioned a gauge,except this one.It seems that this is the best one,but I was hoping that someone here with experience in pumps would check it out,and see if its a good model or not.

I did not see it mention anything about a cylinder coming with it,nor does it say that it does not come with it,so I will have to ask.If A cylinder does come with it,than I would think it would have a section for you to pick your size.

Thanks in advance.

Just read that Newart does not ship to po boxes(actually there carrier UPS does not ship to po boxes).

I never thought trying to buy a pump would be such a big headache.I off to search for another good company.
Any recommendations?

Just had a brainstorm…

Im going to email LA pumps,tell my problem and see if I cant some how order by telling them what I want,and then them telling me the cost.Hopefully they will email me back.

Wish me luck…

Go to your local Adult store and buy 13/4 X 9 or the 2 X 9 tubes then go to Harbor Fright you can buy and excellent “brake pump’ with gage for $25. Works great

I highly recommend a VelSeal cylinder. The seal that it comes with on the bottom of the cylinder is worth it’s weight in gold. Can’t comment on the quality of the pump though, I pull a vacuum with my mouth. I’m not sure if they ship to a PO box either.


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