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wick603 progress


Hi all,

I will be getting into US PE In a bit ( ordered machine yesterday) A little History First,
I would say that I am a PE O.G. I started PE back in 2004, I was about 20 years old, got a pump and fastsize extender. Used the extender for a good year about 8 to 10 hours a day and pumped after. I was primary after length, That brought me from about 5.9 to 6 BPEL to just under 7BPEL.

I took some time off PE for school and life, but got back into it this time with pumping hanging and Phallosan. Used a BIB hanger for year or so, probably closer to the 2 year mark, weights going all the way up to 40lbs I believe for up to an hour a day, then Id pumped with bathmate for 20 mins. This took me from 7 BPEL to just under 8.5 .I got discouraged after gains stopped coming in after about a year. Took more time off.. Years in fact. Hanging with really high weights can get painful and discouraging when results stop coming in.

5 years ago started “Chem PE” did the whole consultation with Ronelle. I could not handle the injections, they really are not for me. My length at this time was stable at 7.5 BPEL - no results from chem PE, based on the fact I really couldn’t do it. Ha ha. After this I went back to hanging as it seems to me that was what was really giving me results ( when results were coming in) in about 6 months from hanging heavy 20 to 40 lbs for an hour a day ( also using a topical from my chem PE days that I do not recommend) then extended with phallosan for the rest of the day. I went from 7.5 ish back to just under 8.5 BPEL . I think this length came back relatively fast as this was where I had stalled out previously. I stopped again as I just could not fit PE into my life at that time, and hanging with heavy weights like that really get rough.

I’ve done PE on and off through the years since 2004 I have a box with every PE device one could think of, I’ve tried just about everything. Currently length seems stable at just under 7.5 BPEL I haven’t done any PE Since early 2019. Maybe a clamping session or jelques and stretches here and there for a few mins. I was reading up on this US method ( I wish I would have found this earlier cause I would have tried it) I order the US PRO 2000 2nd yesterday. Along with a few thermometers and US conductive gel.

I plan to go with 2 days on 2 days off approach. Will hang very light weights starting from 1kg and see how it goes. Totally understand that the goal here is to use the least weight possible. Will be hanging OTL with heated rice sock under dick. 10 mins each side at target temp of 43.3 degrees max Celsius min 38.9 degrees. And then end with a cool down of 400 to 600 jelques ( not heated) Please let me know what you think of this program?

My main goal is to finally break that 8.5 BPEL barrier. Would love to get to 11 BPEL . Will keep this as updated as possible with progress. After reading through a lot of this thread I am convinced this will be the thing that will take me to my goal FINALLY!

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Finally got all my gear. Gave a 20 min hanging session a go today.
1) heated rice sock in microwave for 1:10 seconds took temp of sock was at 45.5 degrees
2) put on hanger and 7lbs weight, rice sock on leg hanger and dick on rice sock.
3) went for 10 mins each side. Small circles with US machine and US liquid ( seems like I got a just about 39 degrees ) need to work at getting to the proper temp. 39 degrees min.
4) after 20 mins hanging OTL 10 mins each side. Did 100 jelqs as a cool down.
This was an interesting first try. Def penis seem more stretchy after session. Lots of learning to do, to find what works best to get to that therapeutic temp.

But after this initial run I’d say this does seem promising.

I have got a few sessions in now. 20 min warm up with rice sock, heated to outside temp is about 45 degrees, while hanging 2 kgs ( straight down) . Then 20 mins with US hanging OTL ( 10 Mins each side) hanging 4kgs. Then 20 mins cool down hanging straight down.
I have not yet taken any measurements ( aside from start measurements) however I do feel like this is beneficial/ works. I seem to much more “stretchy” and my thoughts would be that this does seem to be working. Sadly I did develop a small blister right on the tip; ouch. ( perhaps the weight was too much). I do find this odd, as in the past I’ve been able to hang up to 30 lbs no blisters at all. So next time I will go with a slightly lower weight. It does seem to me that even with low weights US is therapeutic.

I will measure again probably when the month is up. Or once I have a good month under my belt of US and hanging.

Great job bro. Im a hanger too. About that blister, how low do you position the grip, do you wrap it enough before putting it on a hanger?

2buck Fit Hanging

ReStart 8/2022 BPEL 5.5" EG 4.5" BPFSL 6.25"

9/2022 EG 4.88 Goal 8 x 6 One day at a time

Originally Posted by 2buckchuck
Great job bro. I’m a hanger too. About that blister, how low do you position the grip, do you wrap it enough before putting it on a hanger?

I could also switch back to a bib. I just find them less comfortable.

Originally Posted by 2buckchuck
Great job bro. I’m a hanger too. About that blister, how low do you position the grip, do you wrap it enough before putting it on a hanger?

I’ve been using a vacu hanger ( well rigged up phallosan as vaccu hanger) had the protection cap on, but still blistered. I guess I figured I wouldn’t blister as the weight I’m hanging is quite low ( 8 to 10 lbs) vs what I used to hang ( all the way up to 30 lbs) . But blister happened anyway.

Today’s hanging and US session I used the protector cap and taped up my tip where blister had formed . Luckily I was able to do, 20 mins of heated warm up with heated rice sock. Upped the weight to 10lbs then 10 mins OTL hanging each side with US/ Ultrasound therapy. And topped it off with a 20 min (weight the same) cool down . No problem. So blister was really not all that bad.

I’m going for the 2 days on 2 days off method of hanging and US therapy so hopefully tomorrow goes well also.

I think I was just really surprised to see a blister at lower weights . Guess that shows that maybe US is working/ doing its thing?

Overall I am very must liking hanging and ultrasound/ heated therapy. I do think its going to be the thing to finally get me to where I want to be length wise and then I will tackle girth.

I’ve been keeping up with the 2 days on 2 days off US therapy with hanging ( 10lbs)
Warm up 20 mins heated rice sock hanging 4 lbs
Then up the weight to 10lbs OTL , apply US 10 mins each side. ( been taking temp I seem to be hitting 39 to 41.5 degrees pretty easily with US device on high power/ setting 3).
Then cool down hanging 10lbs for 20 mins right after US .
2 days on 2 days off . Sept 1st makes one month of US therapy. I will take a measurement beginning of sept to see if there has been any progress.

I do think that its been beneficial but we will see, when I get accurate measurements.

I’ve been doing hanging ( above protocol) for one month
BPEL - start date 01-08-22 = 7.5

Measured today 9-01-22 BPEL = just shy of 7.75 (I’d call it 7.65 but measured a few times to be more accurate)

So far so good. :)

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