Hybrid system AERMAX

I would like to purchase this pump . However, when I contacted this Russian company, there was no cylinder available for my size cause my base girth circumference is 6.5 inches. My goals is to wait for more positive reviews online before I invest my hard working money in this pump/jelq device.

I do not know the effectiveness of this device and it seems to be a new product in the PE Russian forums. Hopefully, some Thunder member speak/write Russian to help us out! Also, the inventor of this device is a Thunder member and he mentioned good things about you guys.

ATtn.: If you are using Google Chrome, you will need to right click on your mouse and select “Translate to English”.

Here is the link…. you can thank me later :-)

https://radikal … deo/AFd6c7IlDpm

http://www.grat is.pp.ru/index. … &t=61409&st=110

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