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Leluv Slider

Leluv Slider

Hi. I recently purchased the Leluv Slider penis extender, and there were no other reviews so…

First of all apologies. My phone and computer are now not talking to each other, so the few pics I have of the unboxing are not yet available here. Leluv has good pics on their site so no big loss.

Second I have no relationship with Leluv except as a customer.

Price ranges from $25 to $44 depending on size and attachments.

I ordered the Large Deluxe. It has a larger diameter base and wider cradle and 2 noose and 2 hybrid straps. The hybrid strap is a wide silicone strap that is used with the included sleeve and functions more like a clamp.

After I ordered I had doubts about the large size, my base EG is approx 6.125-6.25, but when I tried it I am glad I did. If I have even a hint of erection, the regular size would be binding. Also on length I have maybe 0.5 inch of growth before I would need to purchase additional screw posts.

I tried the noose without the padding and slowly ramped up to what I considered a medium high tension for 30 minutes. Then I backed down to a medium low tension for 30 minutes. There are no springs, so all the settings are done manually with knurled nuts on the screw posts. (There are user mods to incorporate springs and washers.) The thread quality is acceptable, not quite the standard that I am used to for good quality screws. The screw posts have a thread gap when turning the knurled nut up from one post to another. So if the right setting for you is at that gap you might have to use a spacer between the nut and the cradle. The screws are all right hand thread except for the threads at the pivots at the base which are left hand thread. So as you turn the knurled nut up, you may unscrew the thread posts. And as you tighten the thread posts, you may unscrew the base pivots. I do not recommend loctite because if you spill loctite it will eat the plastic parts. Use Vibra-Tite Vc-3 if you have to use a thread securing compound. Or just be careful, which is what I did.

The other concern I had is with the retaining slot for the noose loop ends. It is very thin plastic. (I know there are user mods for noose retention and adjustment, and there are users who have informed opinions that are anti noose.) Other than that, it seems fairly durable.

Overall I rate it as acceptable. It was comfortable for me during my test run. It was functional. For $44 dollars I see it as a reasonable approach to learning about using extenders. I will use it until I no longer do extending or until I wear it out. I will post updates of anything of note with pictures I hope.

Thanks for reading.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Okay. My computer and phone are cooperating.

Here is the extender and all extra parts in the box.

(44.0 KB, 384 views)

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Here is everything out of the box. Not shown - the mesh bag for storing everything between uses.

(86.9 KB, 384 views)

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Here is the extender assembled. The slightly rough threads are somewhat visible in this lo res pic. The roughness does not impede functionality.

(75.6 KB, 384 views)

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Here is a close up of the cradle and noose retention feature. As is shown the noose feature is fairly thin plastic. Durability unknown but works well. Cradle itself is comfortable in my opinion. In fact I am wearing it right now. I have logged about 2 hours so far.

Also visible are the rough appearance threads.

(63.1 KB, 380 views)

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

After several hours of use, I would recommend only the “hybrid” strap attachment version. The hybrid is much more comfortable than the standard noose.

(97.8 KB, 354 views)

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Have you used other extenders? If so, how would you compare them to the LeLuv?

Not knowing what tension you’re applying doesn’t sound like a great recipe to me. I prefer having data to work off of.

This is just my first foray into extenders with a reasonable quality, entry level device from a reputable company.

Currently I am going by feel and length. Regardless of the measure, if it does not feel good, I don’t do it.

I may add a spring mod later and calculate tension from spring compression.

Be careful about “data”. None of these products are calibrated, and the measure may be wildly inaccurate.

Full disclosure: I do have some background in metrology.

ReStart - July 2022: BPEL:6.75 EG:5.75

Originally Posted by squid7
Not knowing what tension you’re applying doesn’t sound like a great recipe to me. I prefer having data to work off of.

You can measure either tension or length.

Which is a more accurate predictor of penis growth? There’s no data to support either way.

I am about your size in length, unless you’ve gained , 6.75 length, and base girth 6.12-6.25, that’s with skin pulled back, at very base without skin pulled back 6.75. So, this large deluxe size is what Im looking at.

Are you still extending with this? How many hours a day, on average, or in a week? Have you gained any length?

In addition to this, are you using any other techniques, like hanging, clamping, pumping?

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