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Vacu-tech two stage pump cylinder

Vacu-tech two stage pump cylinder

I’ve paid up and got myself a “full package” two stage tube from Vacu-tech, spent last few weeks testing it out..

For this piece you’ll have to drop about $170. This is steep for a tube, but I know from previous purchases that their equipment is quality compared to some other cheap ones I’ve gotten online. I’m still using the same hand pump I got years ago with my first purchase and it’s been well abused. A few months back I thought I’d get a second hand pump online (a standard brake bleeder) and it’s now sitting with a C-clamp while the adhesive glue attempts to mend the broken end cap thing :-/

I did have to wait longer then I expected for the order to process, after a week of no notification I called them to see what’s up. I talked to a rep quickly without any runaround, he explained that tube was on back order and is to ship by Friday (ended up shipping Wednesday so got it earlier). I also got a leather ball stretcher just for the hell of it. It’s not practical for post pump though, won’t fit.

This tube is for the experienced pumper only and it is recommended to first pump with a standard penis tube before using the two stage to plump up some and I agree. It’s also not really for a “stealth” user, you’ll get a pretty good sized packing box in the mail and this will be the tubes “home” lol, because it’s not gonna fit in your PE toolbox, as it’s rather large. I will attach pics if I can to show the tube better.

I have a 3.25” flared tube that I was using for full package pumping, but although it worked ok I wanted something less restrictive so all the naughty bits aren’t crushing together. The two stage design has plenty of room and plenty of room to grow. They have different sizes to choose based on your need. I got the 3” opening which fits just fine, it is not flared but more like their thick wall/straight wall design and seals good with lube which is a must here.

Now because of the large chamber circumference I did have to go and buy a new XL heating pad (12x24” I think). Pumping with heat is the best for expansion in my experience. Also the size of this thing, I’m still getting used to the washing of it, have to use a half sink full of hot water to fill it good then dish wand.. For drying I just get what I can with paper towel then shove the wad in there and shake it around to get the rest.

So how well does it work?

Well I can say so far it’s a bit addictive because it does work pretty well. The discomfort is minimal, there is no scrotum pinch because it’s all inside. Also is comfortable when sitting there as you can sit back or sit forward unlike with just a penis tube I tend to sit up so its not laying on or sucking sac into the tube. Using a hand pump you’ll get a forearm workout starting from zero HG as you have to remove a decent amount of air to build vacuum.. Depending on pressure, time and other factors will determine expansion. I used this for two sets the other day then switched to the flared 3.25 tube, which has a ruler on it, and the balls pulled to over 6”, which I could never hit when using just that tube before even after multiple sets. I measured a girth of my balls at about 11”. I’ll have to update my pics thread soon to show my recent shots. For now here’s the pics of the Vacu-tech two stage cylinder..

(1.18 MB, 271 views)
(1.14 MB, 229 views)

Sorry for the newbie question, but you insert just your penis into the cylinder or your penis and balls go in? I’d be curious to see the cylinder in use to get a sense of how it fits. Thanks

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