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Mon anglais n’est pas formidable et je ne comprend pas tout des explications données par les auteurs du forum. Quelqu’un connait-il un forum équivalent en français

Merci de vos réponse


Soyez le bienvenu.

Malheureusement, je ne connais aucun forum équivalent en francais.

Il y a des machines de “search” qui offrent des sites traduisables, mais partiellement. Je suis sur que ca ne s’agit pas à Thunder’s.

Il y a aussie des software qui font une traduction après download, mais je ne sais point de titres vous donner.

Peut-ètre Thunder’s vous donnera l’occasion de devenir formidable en anglais - et aussi grand que possible?



Bien travaille??....


Sorry, I can read and understand most basic French, but I suck serious ass at writing it, so I felt bad about not responding to this post. Thanx to avocet8 for doing a good job there and informing our French friend that this forum is not available in his language. Pouvre electo_dick.

I can resist everything except temptation...



J’aime surtout “pas cookied?”



Oui, Je pense que seulment vue.

Je ne voudrais pas login et reçois cached par google

Why the hell am I responding in (bad) french when I know you read english.

oh yeah, and the cookie wouldn’t work anyway (its sent to

Thunder was telling some guy in another thread to please not post urls to other threads which contain his login info so I guess it might work to log in directly and then paste that into the translate url.

I’m not sure how/if it will work. Google does not access the “member’s only” areas when it is doing it’s normal job of collecting info for page rankings. It may work if you use the log in, it may not. If someone figures it out, let us know.

Momento, thanks for posting this information!!!!

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ok I just checked switching off cookies and it didn’t work for me when logged in :( So much for theory.

memento wrote:

“Why the hell am I responding in (bad) french when I know you read english?”

Hey. Mine is far from perfect. But I was thinking in reading this thread, what a nice bundle of messages he’ll get when he checks in tomorrow. Jearl lets him know he understands French; you find a link that may be a beginning key to his translating all this. T explains the system which might give him yet another clue.

What a site. Nice talking internationally.

If you can pick a user name like that, your English can’t be all that bad. We’ll help as we can.



Well Electro,

You will have access to four complete forums in French. That is a start. I think you can probably access all the other sites listed at the bottom of the page using the google translator and they should all be available in French also.

I don’t know how well the google translator works, so if you have questions, post them. I know that we have at least a couple of members that are from France and quite a few others that are fluent (somewhat) in French.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

merci (thank you)

thank you for all your answers

The translator are working very baddly, I undertstand a lot the idea of a sentence but some words not, more these words are not in dictionnary!!! It seem, and it’s regular your language is not always “academic”

Thank you

yeah electronic translation is never going to be perfect with todays computers.

Your right a lot of the language is not standard english, but we all have to learn new words when we come here. Things like jelqing, v-streches, bib hangers are always going to send people to the search function of this site initialy.

I always find that its good to try two electronic translation sources. If you have trouble understanding a particular paragraph, try pasting the url in here:

It may produce a different result.

I’m glad I didn’t have to try to write that in french :)

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