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Hanging Time Is 15 mins daily OK?

Hanging Time Is 15 mins daily OK?

I have the BIB” its used when i have time” last yr i used daily” every morning i hung it for 30 mins” however i started getting a lot of tension and tightness around the back of my head and my neck hurt” “”“” i hung 8lbs only” “”“”“”“”“”” whats the real scoop?

if you hang 30 mins daily” is the rest of day plus work and basketball to much?

whats a good daily routine that wont cause so much stress and tension in my neck and shoulders? yeah im i strong man with 10 inches” although at 39 ive gained atleas 2 inches over 3 yrs with the bib”………….

You should get a bathmate to help ease off hanging.

I don’t think 15 minutes a day of hanging is enough to do much good. A good first step might be to cut the weight back to 4 or 5 pounds, hang for an hour every other day, and warm up first. If your bib is really uncomfortable, look at wrapping techniques in the hanging forum. A lot has been written about the topic. Good wrapping technique, combined with adjusting the screws on your bib properly, makes a big difference in comfort level. I think that lower weights over longer duration, while allowing time for recovery works best.

Live long and prosper.

Originally Posted by Gs2894
You should get a bathmate to help ease off hanging.

Don’t waste your money on a Bathmate.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
Don’t waste your money on a Bathmate.


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