One Quest

good morning or good night guys, I come to ask a question about jelq, currently I’m in a routine where I do two days of PE and one day of rest, I only do one jelq for 30 to 50 minutes at the end of the day, where I have an extender that I produced myself, I stay for about an hour and thirty minutes, with 30 to 40 minutes of rest for the next stretching session, and the jelq at the end of the last stretching session at the end of the day. a few weeks ago I changed the execution of the jelqs and increased the time from thirty minutes to forty minutes, and in the first session my member was absurdly swollen, but without any negative effect, neither pain, nor very significant change in color, just that normal redness after jelq. really liked the result, even the other day my member was still quite swollen, which is usually normal when it gets a little more swollen than usual, in the next few days that i continued with this change i reached a level of swelling by considerable member too, but not similar to the previous one, but I consider it to be because of a one-week break from the PE, as I went on a trip, so really the work I had on the day I returned was amazing. knowing that, some days when I do the jelq, my member either gets very little swollen, or it doesn’t, and something that doesn’t happen every time but let’s just say the odds are 2 in 5 of this happening, and it really does. bothers, because I don’t know if with that, it may not have an effect, so what could be the cause of it? lack of a very good erection ? a stressful day? or something wrong I’m doing in the exercise? And if this is normal, will it still work?