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My quest to better wrap

My quest to better wrap

I saw the posting of how to better wrap by Bigger (BIB) and decided to do my best to follow as much as possible. Well, I guess I suck at it. But I am improving a bit more each day.

Needless to say, I used a sacrificed too small sweatshirt to pre wrap the thera brand. When cutting a sweat shirt up from this I must suggest cutting the banding hem lines around the neck and sleves and waist. Try to get as much material as possible out of this one item.

Next, I can’t control getting hard each time which precludes hanging at all. I have to beat off then shrink down then try and wrap. It seems to work and is a plausable situation for an all hanger experiment.

Thirdly, I think that the bolt length on the Bib Hanger is too short. So I used a #8 bolt that is a half inch longer to give me some extra room. Either I completely suck when i wrap or I have monster girth. I think we all know the answer her!

So i bought a new longer # 8 as well as a #10. Well see how it goes.

Re: My quest to better wrap

Originally posted by twatteaser
Next, I can't control getting hard each time which precludes hanging at all. I have to beat off

Tough luck, kid. I would welcome such a problem.

then shrink down then try and wrap.

You just gave me a idea that might help both of us - I’m going to try getting my dick really cold to shrink the fluids out before I hang. It might help you too.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Thanks for the reply. I have not even got to really hang for more than 30 seconds total yet. I am still fiddling with the wrap and hanger. I have a bunch of free weights for like an adjustable dumbell. I have some 3 lb weights and a bunch of fives also. I do have heavier stuff also.

My question is whether to drop the weight down like the experienced guys do? Or weight till I hit 10 lbs before dropping it to 8, 5, and 3?

The Bib Hanger is actually not my size. I am just too small for it, but too big for the Starter model. Oh Well, Guess I have to grow into it.

Maybe I am not wrapping tight enough but I could not get the Hanger closed with the bolt. I had to buy a bigger one today for like under a $1.00 at my local hardware store. It is about a half inch longer. I have a 10 that is an inch and a half but it is a bit too big for the hex nut part by a smidgen. Well keep you posted.

What the hell is your girth TT? That hanger is designed to fit an eight inch girth.

Sounds to me like you have way too much wrap. All that will do is let the hanger slide toward your head because it is not getting a good grip on your internal structure.

‘Course I have under a half hour total hang time and could really be full of shit here, but I think maybe you need to re-read the product guide and then the wrapping instructions again.

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T is right. You are either using way to much wrap, or you are not using the bottom adjustments located within the right skid. You can let out the adjustments on the bottom bolts a half inch and have a hell of a lot of room.


Bib and Thunder:

I am trying, I cut my sweat shirt today and wrapped only one 15” starnd and then an identical therabrand amount.

So play with the toe-in and toe out controls. I’ll try. I think I have to wrap super tight

Bib has mentioned light sweatshirt material. Not the heavy stuff you wear in the winter. That stuff is too thick, IMO. I use a semi-long sleeve shirt that has stiff cotton material. It’s not a t-shirt, but it’s not a pullover heavy sweatshirt. Check through some stores and you’ll know what I am talking about. Basically it can’t be too thick, and you don’t want it thin like a regular t-shirt because that stuff just curls up on itself and is impossible to work with - too thin.

Plus, make sure you are keeping the wrapping somewhat tight as you spiral towards the base. I do about 2/16-3/16” gaps between spirals. Not tight as in ‘cut off circulation’ tight. But not loose either. It’s should basically hug your dick. Then do the same with the theraband.

I guess it was too thick in reference to the sweat shirt. I may try an old t shirt too and see if there is any resolution to the problem.

Try this TT

This took some time for me to figure out, here’s what I do.

I wrap a little differently. 1st wrap - Instead of using the long skinny piece of sweatshirt material I use a 3.5” x 10” piece of “light” sweatshirt material. When I wrap I don’t spiral. I pull out my penis and wrap the large piece around it evenly and snug. I can get about 2 times around with this amount. To me that is the perfect amount of padding. Too much and too little can make all the difference in comfort.

IMO though, I think the secondary wrap is the most important. I use a piece rubber cut out of swim cap that is 2” x 12” long. Beginning about 1 inch below the glans I wrap starting out slightly tight and becoming more tight as I spiral towards the base. I can tell if I am wrapping tight enough when I feel the wrap combo grabbing the internal structures. This is best described as: when wrapped, the ability of the skin to slide on your shaft should be greatly reduced. You should feel some resistance if you try to slide the (attached) hanger forward.

Before I hang any weight I pull on the hanger with a good deal of force to see if I have the proper wrap going on. If everything is working right you should feel stress on the inner ligs. If there’s pinching or pain, something is wrong. Remove and redo the wrap.

Something else I do before I hang is wait for about 3-5 minutes with the hanger on before attaching any weight. I find that by doing this my glans pumps up with blood which aids in the hanging by keeping the hanger from riding over. The waiting period also gives my dick time to relax if I’m having boner issues. Which I frequently do BTW.

I had experiment a lot to find what works for me, because I’m uncut and my dick is very temperamental. I hope this helps.

Goodwood :chuckle:

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give that a try. I’ll keep you posted.

Re: Try this TT

Originally posted by goodwood
… I can tell if I am wrapping tight enough when I feel the wrap combo grabbing the internal structures.

What ‘internal structures’ do you guys have that I seemingly don’t? All I’ve got is a slippery dick with nothing inside that anything on the outside can grab onto, except maybe a pair of vice grips.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Hey T3,

Anything that isn’t skin would be internal structure. If your hanger only anchors to the skin and not the structure under the skin, it will slide toward the head. Too much wrap and the hanger wouldn’t get a good “bite” on the solid tissue, it will just compress the wrap. But then again, no personal experience here with hanging.

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It’s a tough one to explain. Experiment with your wrap. Once you feel it grab, you’ll know. Personally, I wrap tight. It seems to do the trick. I know that I’ve reached the right tightness during the last two (approximately) spirals around the shaft. Also, my secondary swim cap wrap is about 2+” wide on the shaft.

Note: when I’m wrapped my skin still slides, it’s not fixed in place. But, it only slides up to a point. Usually that is when the wrap / hanger pushes up against the head and thus the stretching begins. It’s a delicate balance. I’ve shed a few tears of my own, along with a few @#$%# at the top of my lungs from the hanger riding over the head.

Be patient and stay away from the vice grips!!

Goodwood :chuckle:


First of all I want to thank you all for this forum. I am a newbie to PE. Yes, another newbie, so please don’t run away. I am trying to find out what works for me. I haven’t started the heavy stuff.

I made my own AFB hanger. It is a variation to Tom’s but easier to make. No tools necessary. It requires cutting the sides of a hanger with a kitchen knife and rubber bands (needed to hold the sides). I even used the hooks that came with the hangers. I uploaded a photo of the hanger (top and side view). I don’t use the one in the photo. I had to remove the metal part because it gets in the way of things…you know what I mean.

My hanger is made of 2 hooks (came with the 2 hangers), 2 rubber bands (came with broccoli), 2 gray sides (walls) of the hanger, and 2 cut-pieces (also from the hanger to provide more width between the walls). What can I say, I am crazy about recycling. The hanger works and I can attach 8 lbs for over 20 mins. I started with 8 lbs; it used to be kind of uncomfortable (nearly on the border of painful). In my last session (just did it), it was surprisingly comfortable. If I had more weights, I would have tried heavier ones.

Now my problems-yes problem with s- is that I am uncut (I don’t know if this good or bad) and dumb (definitely bad). I tried to follow BIB’s instructions to wrap…does not work at all, or my brain seems unable follow the directions(stems from the fact of being dumb!). The only way I found is to wrap with the foreskin covering the glans. The major problem is the darkening discoloration of the foreskin. Not the part that is wrapped and under the hanger pressure, but actually the part that stays out. There is no pressure on this part from the hanger, but gets a lot of discolorations. Tonight I got one on the tip of the foreskin. In addition to that, the uncovered(not wrapped) part when I remove the wrap will be darker in color then the rest. This is what is holding me back. I go through a cycle: hang once, and wait for few days to hang again.

I direct my questions to Goodwood mainly because he’s uncut; I appreciate feedback from members:

1- How do you wrap? Do you retract the foreskin or leave it covering the glans?
2- Have you experienced any discolorations on the foreskin? any idea how to avoid it?
3- Is this hanger no good?(since the sides are not solid rectangles, maybe is exerting more pressure on the glans)
4- Can I hang for more than 20 minutes? Yes/NO (there are so many conflicting theories here)


I don’t know if the photo was attached to my first post or not.

Here I go again.

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