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indentation below glans | Getting prescriptions without seeing urologist?

indentation below glans | Getting prescriptions without seeing urologist?

I’ve noticed an indentation that wraps around my entire penis, occurring approximately one inch below the glans.

When fully erect, my MSEG measures 5.5 inches, but within the indented section, it measures 5 inches.

Upon gently but firmly pressing into the tissue just below the glans, I can feel a thick, lumpy string that extends all the way up to the glans. This ‘thickened lumpy string’ is not present at the base of my penis. It seems to start about halfway up the shaft and becomes thicker as it approaches the glans. Additionally, I’ve become aware of the difference in firmness between the base and the tip of my penis.

After certain clamping sessions, I sometimes experience a sharp, crusty pain in this indented area where the ‘thickened lumpy string’ is located.

I had never considered the possibility of having Peyronie’s disease, and I assumed that this feature was common among all penises, so I never sought medical attention for it. I do not experience any significant bending, except for a slight upward curve.

My journey into penile enlargement began three years ago when I initially fashioned a hanger using a sock and tied a shoelace behind my glans. I would hang water bottles from it for approximately one hour. I did this quite regularly but eventually abandoned it because it was uncomfortable and prone to slipping. Instead, I invested in a vacuum hanger and have been intermittently using it over the past three years. However, in the past two months, I’ve experienced a noticeable increase of 0.5 inches in length from hanging straight down with the application of heat.

I’d like to hear from others about their experiences in obtaining prescriptions for similar treatments. Specifically, I’m looking into acquiring Verapamil Gel. I’m hesitant to go directly to a urologist, which can be costly, around $150, especially if my condition turns out to be minor. Instead, I’m considering discussing my situation with a GP and inquiring about the possibility of obtaining a prescription for Verapamil gel without an initial urologist visit. Has anyone else taken this route, and was it successful?

No penis is different. What works for one, will work for another.

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I would post images but its probably going to get taken down, so im not sure where to post them

No penis is different. What works for one, will work for another.

You can post them in this forum or Progress Reports and Pictures.

Initial: 7” BPEL; 6” NBPEL; 5.25” - 5.5” MEG

Current: 7-7/8” BPEL; 7-3/8” NBPEL; 8.5” BPFSL; 6.5” MEG; 6”x5” Flaccid.

Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

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