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Can Hanging Make Your Glans More Sensitive?

Can Hanging Make Your Glans More Sensitive?


I did some hanging over approximately a 4 month period. My penis was already conditioned, as I used the Phallosan Forte for approximately 8-9 months before that, so I wasn’t a newbie. I basically repurposed the Phallosan Forte as a hanger, so it is a vacuum hanger.

I started at a very low weight, I think approximately 150 g. I gradually built up to 2 kg (4.4 pounds) over a 4 month period. I’m currently on a break from PE, but I noticed right before the break that my glans is very sensitive and even hurts at times.

During that time, I never once got a blister on the glans, and I used the hanger only once without using the protector cap that covers the glans when you do vacuum hanging.

At first, I thought I had maybe rubbed the skin a bit raw on the glans when masturbating, because that’s what it felt like- a burning sensation on the head. I noticed however that the feeling didn’t go away after a week, and I’ve had the feeling now for approximately 6 weeks.

Because it can also hurt or sometimes even burn when I pee, I even got tested for STD’s but that also came back negative.

The only thing I can think is that when I was hanging 2 kg/4.4 pounds, I would sometimes cook in the kitchen, and the movement from cooking caused some slippage. As the silicone sheath slid down, and more of a gap formed between my penis and the weight, the silicone sheath started to pinch together a bit at the glans. It felt a bit uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt, and since it didn’t hurt, I didn’t always notice right away how much it had slipped. The pinched sheath around the glans didn’t stay like that for too long (no more than a few minutes), because you start to notice the slippage at some point.

The burning sensation seems to come and go, it’s certainly not constant, and not an extreme pain. It weirdly also seems to happen when I pee, but I don’t know how hanging could have caused that.

The pain has gotten a bit better the last few days, but I still have it daily, especially when I need to go to the bathroom.

Could I have possibly pinched a nerve? I don’t know though how that would cause pain when urinating. Or has anyone had an experience similar to this? How long of a break should I take? Thank you!

From what your describing in my experience your not drinking enough water and could have a urinary tract infection.

I also thought I might have a UTI, but men don’t tend to get them very often, and when I got tested for STD’s, I thought that they also would have tested for a UTI as well. I also don’t have any of the other symptoms that people usually have with UTI’s either. Just pain and sensitivity that comes and goes in the glans.

Or does anyone know if it’s possible to get a UTI from using a vacuum hanger? I clean the silicone Protector cap and everything, but I admit, I didn’t clean it every day. Would it be possible to get an infection from that?

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