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Clamping injury OR STI ? with pic

Clamping injury OR STI ? with pic

Hey guys I’m a newbie and can’t post in penis injuries yet, if someone were able to move this to the penis injuries section that would be awesome

I am new to clamping, about 2 weeks in. I’m worried that I have an STI but maybe I just have just burst some blood vessels on my glans from overdoing the clamping (pic attached)

I went out on saturday night and had unprotected sex (I know, silly silly me!! :@) with a girl I met in a club and part of me is super scared that I could have caught an STI

On the other hand, I have been going pretty hard at the clamping, getting up to around 20-60mins clamping / day ; 10-20mins per session - fairly tight with abit of edging + applying abit of heat

I’m super excited, already feeling better erection quality and some ?small girthly gains? ~(10.7cm girth -> 11cm girth)

But today I noticed some red spots on the glans of my penis. Looks like burst blood vessels but there is a chance that it could be an STI

I think I saw a post from someone else showing a pic of his penis and burst blood vessels and from memory it seems like this could be quite the same

I will get a routine STI check soon anyway, but for my conscience’s sake is there anyone who has had a similar kind of bruising from clamping that looked the same?


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Have you tried soap and water?

Originally Posted by Crimsonwarrior
Have you tried soap and water?

Yeah man I wash it regularly

That is not clamping induced I’m pretty sure it’s from your sexual intercourse.

Originally Posted by Accro
That is not clamping induced I’m pretty sure it’s from your sexual intercourse.

God dammit :’(

I hope its not a permanent viral infection

Anyone for a second opinion?

Maybe it’s just skin irritation fuck I really don’t want to have an STI

Definitely does not look like a clamping injury. Better go see a urologist.

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Looks like STI to me, not from personal experience (I’ve never had one) but I can’t imagine clamping could cause those bumps. If your STI tests come back negative it could be warts associated with an HPV outbreak. HPV does not show up on STI tests (I know this because my wife got oral cancer from HPV and the FDA has still not approved a real test for HPV) unless something changed in the last year or two. Good luck with all of this, and please be safe next time! Pussy feels so good, but feel it later if you choose a repeat visit and can both you and her get tested!

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Could be a yeast infection. (Balanitis)

I got one for the first time ever last year and it was a bitch and a half to cure…

I ended up having to use monostat (yeast infection medication for women) because the regular anti fungal cream wasn’t strong enough on its own and I had to apply it 3-4 times a day for a whole week after trying unsuccessfully to cure it with the regular cream when it would go away and then come back the next day….

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It doesnt look like your circumcised. If thats the case always wash your unit after any sexual stimulation….especially after vag or anal sex.

Regular anti bac dial soap wont work for your skin infection. You need to buy some of the original noxzema face wash. It will work great at clearing skin infection on the glans if you wash it 2x a day with a wash rag and noxzema.

Thanks for the help guys

I went to the doctor who reassured me that serious STI’s actually have very low rates of transmission per single encounter…-encounter.html

He said most likely it is something minor - I think like what richardfitswell suggested ; a yeast infection could be quite likely. HPV I’m leaning against because that is supposed to come out like warty

I got it swabbed, had a blood test and gave a urine sample to test for STI’s but it will take another day to get any results

I also put some tea trea oil on the affected area (I usually use it as a natural antiseptic for zits, it has some antiviral properties and it can definitely be used for fungal stuff like tinea/athletes foot) then mixed it in with some regular cream and then the next day it started looking alot better! :D :D

I don’t think I have an STI (will find out tomorrow), but it did look infective. I’m thinking maybe the clamping didnt really help with pressure on the skin and irritation or whatever but wasn’t the cause either

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Thats right crimsonwarrior I’m not circumcised

When I was a teenager I got inflammation on my foreskin (I think probably balanitis/yeast infection like richardfitswell said) and learned that it’s important to wash my dick

I think I just happened to get a small infection on my dick around the same time I had unprotected sex and then freaked out

I mean it could be herpes or something but it’s going away now and I feel like it’s probably something minor

I mean I aggravated my skin when I was clamping the other day when for some reason I was trying to pull my foreskin back over my over-engorged glans (my unit gains 1cm girth during clamping so I usually pull my foreskin down during)

Man I’m 100% sure what you have is nothing serious, i actually remember i had the same irritation happening to me years ago.

To me it happened because i had sex in not a very clean place or either me or my partner at the time were not very clean.

I’m pretty sure it’s absolutely not serious, just something that will go away with proper cleaning and no meds at all.

STI tests came back negative. The red spots have totally cleared up now (I think the tea tree oil mixed in with regular cream really helped)

Spoke with the doctor who said it was most likely a minor virus (or I think fungus) that I picked up off my gym towel (showering after using my gym towel on all the equipment)

I was just being anxious about STI’s really but it’s just a coincidence that this all happened around the same time

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