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Injury, Desperate Advice Needed

LittleEngine, thank you for your response. I don’t have health insurance right now and I’ve just had no motivation to go outside since the injury. I think I will go ahead and pay for a consultation out of pocket.

I talked to an online urologist and sent him pictures. He doesn’t seem to understand and just told me it will heal in 4 to 6 weeks. I started putting some ice on the area yesterday, it turned a little bit purple (there was no discoloration before I put the ice) and now one of the veins next to the area is white. Never seen a white vein before, let alone have a white vein on my penis.

I thought people would have more experience here? I’m very disheartened. I guess I will stop posting.

Originally Posted by GA9119
I think I will go ahead and pay for a consultation out of pocket.

This might be a necessary path.

Originally Posted by GA9119
I talked to an online urologist and sent him pictures.

Did this cost you money? If not, try another online resource, if you have access to such. Second opinions never hurt.

Originally Posted by GA9119
I thought people would have more experience here?

We do have experience, but please realize, our typical protocol is rest and if rest doesn’t resolve, then it is often times just beyond what we can offer and it’s now in the hands of a doctor and/or specialist.

Originally Posted by GA9119
I’m very disheartened. I guess I will stop posting.

No need to stop posting and don’t give up. We all have medical hiccups in our time and it is typically many more than one:-) . The more time passes without it resolving on its own and with rest, the more likely you will need to see a doctor and such is life. From time to time we all have to make that appointment.

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I think we can...Little Engine’s Climb

LittleEngine, it did cost a few dollars. I also talked to one of my friends who’s a nurse, and she assumes it’s connective tissue damage. She told me to let it heal for a few weeks.

Thank you for your encouragement man, I shall continue to let it rest.


I have the same thing as you bro. I know how scary it is. Mine is worse. My peyronie’s made it keep getting worse every time I had sex or came in any way. Right now I’m getting rid of the peyronie’s with something called gainswave and I’m getting the lost tissue back with stem cells. They are both working. It’s taking a while because the problem was getting worse and worse for 2 years before I ever really started doing something about it. When I’m done I will right a whole thing up hear for everyone to see and learn from. But I c you out hear real fucked up and I had to let you know. Research that shit, if you got scar tissue the gainswave can break it up and the stem cell can regrow lost tissue. The gainswave can help you regrow new blood vessels also. Yo I had to go to a lot of doctors and spend a lot of time to find this. Honestly urologists are a waist of time. Just like you people where telling me it’s not that serious. But it is so serious. If it gets bigger it will seriously effect the structural integrity of Your dick. If you get rid of any car tissue in Your dick it might grow a little to. Mine def is. I got pics and everything so when I post my shit you can c for yourself. Good luck

Don't Waist Your Time With A Urologist

Yo I need to reiterate real quick though. Urologists ain’t doing nothing for you. I saw a bunch, most of them. Said stop doing PE and having sex and hopefully it will get better. None of them suggested the things that actually are helping me. You need a men’s sexual wellness center or some shit like that. The spot I go to is called healthgains. They made the gainswave machine, and they are the leaders in fixing dicks right now. But I no there are other places that use there technology. Your last post was a hopeful I’m going to the urologist. I bet he gives you nothing. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m pretty sure I’m not. Ur probably gonna have to do what I’m suggesting. If you call healthgains, ask for a dude called Hamilton. Tell him I sent you, and he will give you a discount. That is definitely the downside. It does cost money. But from the sound of your situation, you would be cured with one shot, or a couple waves, or one of both. Good luck!

Last Thing

You can call and Hamilton directly 786-762-4909. Tell him let’sgo99 sent you,and he will talk to you for free. He’s very helpful.

Hey Letsgo99, thanks a lot for reaching out and for all the info, I really appreciate it. Yes, it’s surely disheartening to receive comments like “you are suicidal over an indention that causes no pain, no discoloration and you still have normal erections. I sincerely do not understand this”, while I’m sitting there with a disfigured penis and half of my girth lost. Makes me question everything I have read on this website.

That said, I’m grateful for everyone who responded to me with support. I’m in a bit of a better mental state. I tried letting it heal, and now all I can feel under the area is hard lumpy tissue, basically scar tissue. Since I started feeling this scar tissue, it started to make sense to me that the reason I have this dent is because the scar tissue is pulling in (contracting/tightening) the rest of the tissue in that area (like a scab on your arm that tightens the skin around it). I’m at least relieved over the fact that I know what I have. Based on my research, these are some of the ways to break up the scar tissue (either individually or in combination with each other);

- pumping
- stretching the scar tissue area
- soundwave therapy (like GAINSWave)
- massaging with certain oils (I read something about combining DMSO + Iodine)

I’ve been doing some gentle massaging with Vitamin E oil, and maybe there’s 10% improvement. I may just take up that GAINSWave offer. There seems to be a lot of these soundwave therapy devices online, costing a few hundred dollars. They’re like GAINSWave, but you just buy the device and use it at home (instead of going to the doctor). Do you think I can order a GAINSWave-like device online or are they scam? And would you mind posting your before and after pictures here? Thank you so much again!

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PS: For the before and after pictures, I am referring to your injury, so a picture of pre-therapy and a picture of post-therapy. If it looked like mine and you managed to heal it, that will give me so much hope (and God knows I could use that).

Didn’t know it’d be possible to fix baseball bat shape that quick with reverse jelq. I’ve been trying to give myself BB shape with regular jelq forever and only the glans got a little bigger. I did an rj one time, felt so bad in the pipes like they weren’t supposed to flow that direction. Dollars to doughnuts your dick wasn’t erecting fully from the rj and that’s why you felt it changed shape. You may have crushed some veins in that area causing scarring since the cavernosal bodies are still communicating with each other. Weird injury

Thanks for your response, Wwjw. What are your thoughts on crushed veins?

Edubrsurf, how can you be sure it will heal? It’s been almost a month. It feels like a bad dream.

Originally Posted by GA9119
Edubrsurf, how can you be sure it will heal? It’s been almost a month. It feels like a bad dream.

Because dude, it’s not nerve damage. Focus your mind on healing.

I don’t know man, I’m not an expert in any of this, but the fact that I’m able to achieve a full erection while the dent is still there is what’s alarming. I guess what I’m saying is; if there’s a full erection, it means that all healing has been done (like there’s no further healing), while the dent is still there. That’s what scares me. Erections are normal therefore there’s no sign of further healing.

I would be very weary about buying one of those things and using it. You have to know what your doing it you could fuck your shit up. You have already done that, you don’t want to make it worse.


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