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Injury, Desperate Advice Needed


Injury, Desperate Advice Needed

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Hey everyone, I have injured myself and I’m in desperate need of some advice. A little backstory; I’ve been lurking on this website since I was 17 (I’m 29 today), but made my account and first post just a few years ago. In the past 12 years, I’ve tried the Newbie Routine, I’ve pumped, clamped, tried an extender, I’ve read countless veteran advices and followed through. But after all these years, I’ve only gained a deformed penis (due to multiple injuries). No matter how gentle/light I went, PE always gave me issues down there. Trying to figure out the right routine has been the source of my depression for the past 12 years, and after 10 years of postponing dates and potential relationships (“until I improve myself”), I came to terms with the fact that PE just isn’t for me and I should’ve accepted myself a decade ago. But hey, at least I won’t have to live thinking “what if I had done PE”, for the rest of my life.

I’ve decided a few months ago, that all I want to do is reverse the baseball bat effect (which was caused after Jelqing, and it made my penis appear an inch shorter) and then quit everything PE-related. It seems as though Reverse Jelqs were doing the trick and reshaping it back to how it used to be. I was doing those on and off for a few months, along with few minutes of manual stretches. It was working, the baseball shape was reversing. 2 nights ago, I finally decided to be grateful for everything else in my life and to do one final, farewell PE session, and put PE in the past. I finally accepted myself. I stretched for about 5 minutes in total and did probably 80 Reverse Jelqs (at around 65% erection).

I woke up the next morning with the indentation, as seen in the attached image (excuse my terrible drawing skills). Now I don’t know if it was there that night, immediately after the session, but I saw it in the morning. This feels absolutely surreal. To say I’m extremely depressed as I write this is an understatement. There is no pain, no discoloration, erections are normal. Just a hollow spot, the size of a finger tip. The thing is, it doesn’t feel as though the penis tube (Corpora Cavernosa) is what’s indented, it just feels as though there’s something missing under the skin, like something is burst and disappeared. Something between the CC and the skin is missing (maybe Areolar Tissue). It used to be normal and plumped. This isn’t even to mention all the other injuries I have (but I’ve gotten over them). My questions are;

- If something in there was ripped apart (as a result of a Reverse Jelq or the grip from stretching), will it remember where it used to be and reappear again?

- Has anyone else experienced this?

- If so, has the hollow spot recovered (filled back up)?

- If so, what did you do to let it recover?

Thank you and I’ll appreciate your responses.

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If you have no pain or problems with getting hard I’d say you’re fine. Let it rest and I’m sure it will go back to normal!

Hey, ertutu, thank you for the response. That is what I’m doing. I just feel as though (from all my experience in injuries) this isn’t one of those injuries that would heal. I don’t even know what happened, what exactly is in that spot? Veins? Tissue? Vessels? Capillaries? I am absolutely devastated.

Originally Posted by GA9119

Hey, ertutu, thank you for the response. That is what I’m doing. I just feel as though (from all my experience in injuries) this isn’t one of those injuries that would heal. I don’t even know what happened, what exactly is in that spot? Veins? Tissue? Vessels? Capillaries? I am absolutely devastated.

You have all of the four mentioned, but like I said without pain and ED you should be fine!

Would you mind defining “fine”? Do you mean that the hollow spot will fill back up? Have you had experience with this?

I think it’s going to heal by itself but…

Go see a doctor one for you penis and one for your mind.

Originally Posted by GA9119

Hey everyone, I have injured myself and I’m in desperate need of some advice.
There is no pain, no discoloration, erections are normal. Just a hollow spot, the size of a finger tip.

You posted in another thread that you are suicidal over an indention that causes no pain, no discoloration and you still have normal erections. I sincerely do not understand this.

Stop PE activity, stop activity with your penis. Go see a doctor asap and discuss all of this with them.

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Pumpbra, seeing a doctor is not an option for the next few months. I appreciate your response. What do you think was actually in that area? I’ve been researching all weekend, skipped my work and gym, trying to figure out WHAT exactly was in that (now empty) spot? I have no issues with erections, I just squeezed it at the base and my whole penis fills up normally, except for that area. And when I touch it, it seems as though there’s nothing there (which is what’s extremely worrying me).

If I could at least feel a week vein or something, it would make sense that it would heal and plump back up, but I feel NOTHING there, as if the Reverse Jelq has made something vanish down to my base. I’m guessing (based on my research), it’s connective tissue that I lost? Damage is one thing (and it heals), but my issue is that it doesn’t seem like there’s any damage, it’s LITERALLY disappearance of tissue (or whatever was in there). Any ideas?

32quarters, I have stopped PE. Yes, there’s no pain or discoloration, and erections are normal, but my penis is disfigured. Look at the image I posted. I won’t be able to see a doctor till a few months, and urologists here (from my experience) have relatively limited knowledge.

I thought I should mention another word to everyone; “spongy”. The “spongy” matter in that spot is what’s disappeared. It’s as if the Reverse Jelq disconnected this “spongy matter” out of that spot. It’s not weakened, it’s literally vanished. I just wish I knew what this is. Discoloration always recovered with me, loss of sensation always came back, black/red spots always disappeared, minor indents on the penis tubes (as a result of stretching grip) always vanish a few days after. But this, I have no clue what this is, nor can I find anything about it on this website, other than one post, where it’s the exact same issue (exact same spot) but not as bad as mine. It’s that “spongy” spot that’s depressed in. Doesn’t look like it was resolved. Here’s a link;

Indentation on penis?

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Looks like Peyronie’s disease to me. Seems like you injured that part of your penis and now scar tissue is forming or has formed. This is preventing your tunica from expanding. The good news is that it seems minor, for now.

I recommend you go to a doctor that has experience in Peyronie’s. Or visit the Peyronie’s society forum and ask for advice. I have Peyronie’s myself with a large indententation along the top of my penis. I did not get this from PE, but PE is a form of therapy for Peyronie’s.

I would recommend first taking supplements Vitamin-E and Coq10. Ask the doctor for daily Cialis and Pentoxyfilline.

I believe that using vacuum device is best for the dent you have. You can also use something like RestoreX device to remodel the scar tissue and try to expand it.

A regular VED device could work, but for this dent the Vacurect might actually work pretty well. That is because you start at the top of the penis and it uses a cock ring and slides down the shaft.


LuisFernandez, thank you so much for your response and advice. I actually do have minor Peyronie as a result of Jelqing, but I’m way over it. This however, doesn’t fit in the Peyronie concept, because it’s NOT the penis tubes that are indented, it’s the spongy stuff between the skin and tubes.

I think this new image will better explain what I mean. Can you see how none of the 3 tubes are effected? Something in there has simply disappeared. Like if I pull the skin in that area, I can feel that there’s NOTHING underneath it (no spongy stuff). I can directly feel the penis tube (as if nothing is protecting it).

I didn’t think of the Peyronie forum, so thanks for that idea, maybe there are similar injuries I can read about there. I do believe the vacuum and/or RestoreX would help with a dent in the penis tube (the vacuum has actually helped me reduce my curve), but unfortunately this isn’t the same case. Can you see what I mean with the attached image?

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Hey man, sorry about your injury, unfortunately I don’t have any advice regarding it. Hope you can find what you need and heal as quickly as possible.

I would however love to hear more about this reverse jelq. I searched the forum and did not find a lot regarding reverse jelqing except that it could possibly damage back-flow valves and many members had allegedly gotten injured from it. If you don’t mind talking about it please pm me.

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Thank you, dicksoonthick, it’s been a very rough few days (feels surreal), but I won’t be touching or looking at it for a week, and seeing if it recovers. Haven’t been able to work, hit the gym or even eat.

As far as the Reverse Jelq, I never thought “yes, let me add those to my routine to make gains”, it’s more of a “I need to reverse the baseball shape of my penis by doing a few of these horrible-feeling exercises”. They don’t feel nice or healthy, but they’ve tremendously reversed the baseball shape. I’d get about 70% erect and try to FEEL the thicker parts on the top of my penis and squeeze down the blood out of those parts, all the way to the base (to reshape the penis).

The problem is that every time I reversed the baseball shape, I say “that’s it, I am now quitting PE”, but then I end up lightly Jelqing again to see if I can make gains without deforming my shape, and BOOM, the baseball comes back again, and I start Reverse Jelqing again. After months of repeating this process, last week I injured myself. I don’t know if the injury was a result of the Reverse Jelq or the grip from stretching, but it seems as though the Reverse Jelq is what did it.

I don’t know about others’ experience, but the Reverse Jelq shouldn’t be an actual “exercise to gain”, it’s more of a “to fix/reshape and then stop doing it”. It never actually felt good doing them, they fatigue you and desensitize you for a couple days after, but they do reverse the baseball shape if done correctly. Please be careful with what you do, I’m not an expert on the penis anatomy, but yes, they do feel as if they’re going against the natural blood flow direction (valves or whatever is in there). If you don’t have a baseball shape you’re trying to reverse, do NOT do them.

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Hey everyone. So I believe that what I damaged was most likely veins. If you see the attached image, it’s the red and blue stuff I believe I damaged, and the indentation is a result of lack of blood in that area. I’ve done alot of searching on this site, but all I could find was “thrombosed veins”, mines are NOT, they’re rather “collapsed” (I cannot see or feel them in that area), hence the indentation. If veins such as these are torn apart, how do they reconnect? It’s pretty much like a string that you cut from the middle, so how will the veins remember their original spots and reconnect?

I can get a full erection, and everything above and below the injured area is filling, except for the injured area, even if I squeeze my base as hard as I can, it doesn’t fill (like there’s no veins in there anymore). I am very stressed, I couldn’t leave it, I tried massaging the area, as I’m afraid that if I left it in the early days, it may never recover? I’m reading mixed information online and I don’t know what to do. If you’re reading this and you have experience, PLEASE respond to me, I’m desperate and depressed.

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Originally Posted by GA9119
I’m desperate…

I am sorry to read about your persisting injury. The correct direction from here is to go and physically see a doctor, such as a urologist. I believe 32quarters has already recommended this.

Are you going to make an appointment? If not, why?

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