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Mild bulge after PE session

Mild bulge after PE session

I’ve been jelqing (5-10 minutes after warm shower) + bathmate sessions (2x 5 mins) 3-4 times a week for a few weeks. Trying to take it easy and not push too hard. However the past two sessions, I have noticed a slight bulge on the side of my shaft just below the glans. A little smaller than a dime, maybe 3-4mm thick? No pain or sensation and it goes away pretty much right away.

It doesn’t really look like thrombosis or lymphangitis (?) because it is more of an ambiguous swelling bulge than a specifically inflamed vein or lymph channel (this is conjecture). It looks like your garden variety swelling/fluid retention but the asymmetry and specific location makes it worrisome.

Should I just take a break for a little while or what?

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I would take a break myself until it goes away then maybe another couple days to a week

You mentioned both jelqing and Bathmate sets.

When do you experience this swelling, is it only after performing both or is it just one or the other?

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Well I did do one after the other both times it occured, after I have given it a weeks rest I will probably just do a very light jelq session and go from there.

It went away basically immediately and did not come back next time I had an erection. Just being cautious. Mainly wondering if people have seen this type of assymetrical swelling commonly or not.

How long have you been at PE?

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