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Just Started Issues

Just Started Issues

Hey guys

I don’t know if it’s wrong to share my problem here or not but I’m so scared and I would be so glad if you help me

It’s been couple days from when I started stretching manually and jelqing

Today after my session I’m experiencing a slight ache at the base of my penis and some flaccid hardness

(It’s flaccid but it’s hard)

Is it normal? Should I continue my PE ?

You have given us no information as to how much force you were using and for how long and for how many days without taking a rest day.

It sounds like you have just started too fast and too hard. Take a couple of days off and you should be back to normal. When you start again take it easier with the force you are using and for how long. Try going every other day. Slowly add to your routine as you become more used to this new experience.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thank you for your advice

I was just stretching, kegeling and jelqing randomly during the day for last 4 days

Also I ejaculated too much last night ( 3 times)

And Now it’s so hard for me to hold my erection while I’m standing

In fact I experienced erection problem from the day I started stretching

And I’m just 20 years old I don’t want to fight with ed for the rest of my life

Sounds like you just need to slow down. Also ejaculating 3 times in one day will throw anyone’s EQ off.

2011 BPEL 5.5ish MSEG 4.0ish

2021 7 5/8 X 5 3/8

Goal: Just keep on trucking

Plz tell me what to do

I feel numb

I have muscle twitching


Everything is ok. Imma stay positive

I just need a break

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