thigh pain after clamping?

Has anyone ever had any sensations in the inner thigh after clamping?

Today was the day I decided to give my first crack at clamping EVER. I am not a newbie, and I have tried Uli’s and Horse440s before to little or no avail. I am 7.2x4.5 and decided I need to do something about this irregular proportion, and clamping is the final destination (I was especially hyped by drilla’s post on clamping).

I did some stretches and got into the clamping. I only had this thing on for 5 minutes-ish with an ace bandage wrap and when I took it off I got a slight tingling/stinging sensation on my inner right thigh. There was some mild turtling but nothing serious, and I can still get an erection. But I am paranoid as fuck about clamping and I called it quits after the first set.

Since this was the very first time I ever clamped I had to figure out what’s the best setting for my dick. The problem is with my small girth I found it hard to even judge what was the right size (I could totally close the cable clamp on my flaccid, although that didn’t really work when it got a bit engorged). I didn’t have any other real warning signs or anything either… but I have relatively dark skin and might not have seen any color changes (even though I was watching my dick), and I have always had ED issues so my penis isn’t incredibly sensitive to begin with. The only thing I felt was a weird sensation for a second in my balls and even I think my abdomen that prompted me to take the clamp off.

I’ve had a few slips before in terms of overdoing it but I don’t want to fuck around with clamping. Anyone experience this before? Or is this what you can call “anxiety”? Either way I’m taking a day or three off…