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alleged anti aging supplements

alleged anti aging supplements

About eight weeks ago I was looking on the net at supplements that allege anti aging properties. I found two interesting and ordered them. One is a supplement that began with research in Romania in the 1950s. It is called GH3 and it is made by several companies in America and Europe. I ordered one. Being the adventurous,wild guy that I am I also chose a supplement with a bovine extract. I realize that might be somewhat risky and in no way am recommending anyone to choose to order such a supplement especially if you have prostate problems. So, I have taken both each day for about six weeks along with my regular supplements and vitamins.

In terms of results, I am developing more dark whiskers in my mainly grey beard and some new dark hair in among the grey hair on my head. Also growing some new hair and new peach fuzz in my male pattern baldness. Not thick shaft black hair but new hair none the less. My skin is tighter also. I don’t feel any different. I already felt well. The bovine extract is supposed to increase HGH. I don’t know which supplement to attribute to these changes. I hope they continue and advance.

I am still pumping and doing some jelquing between pump sets. I haven’t noticed any difference in my penis. But I will keep watching.

Has anyone else tried similar supplements and gotten positive results?

A bunch of us tried this for a while, don’t know how many still do it.

Fountain of Youth

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I was hesitant to bring it up on the site. I didn’t see any postings for it or for a combination of supplements. Best to judge any potential benefits after perhaps three months or so. Especially since I have paid for that amount already.


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