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Euroland Codex Regs Threaten Supplements in USA

Euroland Codex Regs Threaten Supplements in USA


I clipped the following excerpt from one of the Health & Wellness newsletters I receive, Health & Nutrition from Dr. Jonathon Wright, MD. It could be very important to many members as several of us take vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.

Excerpt reads:

***** Two years ago Dr. Wright warned us about Codex Alimentarius — an international "food standardization" program — and how one part of it in particular, called the European Union Directive on Dietary Supplements, could effectively wipe out the availability of natural products in this country. That warning is fast becoming a reality — and time is running out to put a stop to the impending loss of health freedom we are all facing.

If the EU adopts this directive, the U.S. essentially will have to as
well, since we are members of the World Trade Organization. Not
that this country always abides by its pacts and treaties with other
countries. But when it conveniently handles an item already on the
Feds’ agenda, honoring an international treaty suddenly becomes
much more important.

The FDA is more likely to view the EU directive as an answer to
their prayers than something to question and resist. In fact, for
them, it’s a convenient backdoor way to change this country’s laws
regarding the availability of vitamins and supplements without
having to take any of the heat.

The EU Directive is especially convenient for the FDA since this
challenge to natural health products is coming at a time when
hostilities between the makers of natural supplements and the U.S.
government are at an all-time high. We’ve told you all about the
various bans on natural products such as red yeast rice and
ephedra. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: There is also a
systematic move towards shutting down the makers of natural
supplements as well.

Consider the case of Lane Labs, an innovative company that
formulated some natural products currently being studied by the
National Cancer Institute. Of course, natural products that might be
effective against cancer present a serious threat to the multi-trillion
dollar pharmaceutical industry, so they’re seeking nothing less
than annihilation of competitors like Lane Labs. And the U.S.
government seems all-too-eager to help.

In their first judgment against Lane Labs four years ago, the
government levied a million-dollar fine against the company for
making false marketing claims. Mind you, there were no customer
complaints, and none of these products were deemed harmful or
ineffective. The company continued to sell the products and fight
the suit, so the government changed their tactics. In a crushing
blow delivered six weeks ago, a judge ordered that all of the
products in question be destroyed and that Lane Labs refund the
money they collected from all purchased products since September
of 1999.

The battle lines keep changing — and more and more natural
products are being lost as each of these battles are waged.

It’s up to people like you and me — who know the value of having
access to vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements — to fight for
our right to keep ourselves healthy naturally.

****** End of Excerpt

The letter goes on to suggest people start raising hell with their congress persons to stop this thing here in the USA. There are 2 bills right now that would set the stage for clamping down on nutritional freedom and open the doors for this Codex crap - they are: S. 722 in the Senate, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act and HR 3377, the Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act. Both of these should be opposed!

On a positive note, there is a bill sponsored by Ron Paul of Texas, HR 1146 called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act that would restore governance according to Constitutional principles and would stop this Codex World Trade Organization encroachment in its tracks, among other things. It deserves your support, in my opinion. You can find your congressional contacts at: Find and Contact Your Legislator | FiscalNote

More info about the Codex can be found at American Holistic Health Association, https://www.all … and at

Folks, I have seen several references to this Codex thing from other reliable sources. The threat of this is very real.

Just thought you should be aware,


For something to be so wicked and utterly horrible. Something like this people tend to ignore. It affects every single person on this planet (Codex Alimentarius goes into global effect sometime at the end of this month) and yet no one really cares. I do and I certainly do care about the millions upon millions of preventable deaths that are certain to happen due to this population controlled type technique.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

Yeah, we should tell Europe how to run their food systems— ‘cause we sure do seem to be getting it right …. ;)

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I absolutely knew that Ron Paul was the only rational choice for America, but because of Christianity people think prayer is enough.

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Doesn’t look mandatory, and Lane Labs was peddling ineffective treatments to cancer patients. Natural health industry is one of the biggest scam markets in existence, they could use a little economic regulation.

I’m often told by people that there’s a conspiracy against natural medicine by the pharmaceutical companies to stop natural treatments like Laetrile. Whenever I investigate the clinical proof for the effectiveness of these medicines, they’re usually completely useless and sold for quite high amounts. Laetrile in particular was not only completely useless, it also carried the risk of cyanide poisoning.

Herbal medicine companies are as bad as the pharmaceutical companies, the difference is that the herbal treatments are rarely ever demonstrated in practice to work.

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R Dopa, so what is your take on situations like that, does that even effect your day to day life or is it something you tend not to pay much mind to.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

If it looked like a genuine threat to my health and the health of others, I’d be very concerned. As it stands I’ve seen more people screwed over by the complete lack of regulations and disregard for ethical patient care in “natural medicine” than cured by it, and this new standardization program isn’t even mandatory.

I’m not saying there aren’t natural supplements that work, but their validity is only ever determined properly through rigorous clinical trials with proper blinding and placebo control, a detailed accounting of the side effects experienced and multiple iterations. As it stands the supplement industry just throws anything on the shelves that is “said” to help with a condition. And when they get called out on poor practice they claim it’s someone else for persecuting them.

Start (Initially August 2008, Properly November/December 2008): 6.9x4.9

Currently (September 2010): 8.5x5.75 (6.25 inch head girth)

I agree. If I may ask what is your take on the part of codex alimentarius where all animals bred for food will be treated with growth hormones? Surely that cannot be a good thing, just as all name brand water will be flouridated. You see I don’t really know much, and it’s not because I am too lazy to research, it’s just I have a heavy case of ADD and the cloudiest brain in the world. I really only understand things when someone takes the time to spell it out for me in regular language. I’m 22 years old and can’t seem to remember the line I just wrote.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

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