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Anyone Tried Aspire36


Originally Posted by plustwo

I’ve ordered a bottle to try. (Heck, I try everything :-) Will let you know how it works for me. For some background, V gives me noticeable side-effects, C doesn’t, and my current favorite herbal is Arize (which is mostly Tongkat Ali).

Sorry for the delayed response. I did get a bottle of the stuff before it was pulled and tried it a couple of times. For me, the effects were a little odd. After an hour, nothing. Four hours, nothing. But then, for the next two days, it was like a hair trigger, and I was always ‘aware’ of my unit, if you know what I mean. When it kicked in, the effects were dramatic, but so were the side-effects (much worse than with straight V).

The reference to FDA rules do not apply to the supplement world as it is not governed by the FDA, hence the many rip off supplements out there in the world that promise 10 lbs of mass gain in six weeks, 3 inches of cock growth in thirty days, etc. etc. etc. There is no regulatory agency that is testing the products to verify content. The closest thing that I’ve seen to this is when Bill Phillips started EAS and had independant lab testing done on his and other companies products to see how they measured up to lable claims. Most of course did not, some were close, others had included active ingredients on the label but contained none of the substance in the tested product.The proprietary blend listing is just good business sense. Many food labels, drinks and/or sauces list “other natural flavors”. They are not going to divulge their trade secret that gives their product that special boost, flavor ar edge. Not every product affects everyone the same. Enzyte was sued for label claims because some people say they did not get the promised results. I took it for awhile and was living pretty large. Blood flow was greatly improved. The only reason i don’t use it today is $29.00 is the cheapest I can find it (Wal-Mart). To each their own!

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