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Armpit sweating


Armpit sweating

After reading Marty’s post on Chlorophyll it got me thinking about my stinky pits. Does anybody know what I can use to stop my armpits from sweating so much? I searched and found Twatteaser’s post about botox reducing sweating but that seems a little extreme for me. However, I want to do something about it. I sweat under my arms even when it’s cold. Sometimes I fold paper towels under my arms to prevent sweat spots from seaping through. Sometimes they end up falling out which is embarrasing to say the least.

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I use to have that same problem. It was bad, but seemed to go away when I lost weight, and changed millions of different deoderents. You can buy specific types of super antiperspperents too.

Scotty, I’ve tried them all and none of the anti-perpirants work for me. Instead they just make me sticky under there. Maybe I need to step it up with some kind of prescription deodorant, however, I’m thinking there has got to be some kind of supplement I could take.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Shave you pits. I do and it really cuts back on odor as well as heat.

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I had this problem for years (funny Thunder BTW) and I honestly think it was directly related to Anxiety. If you have been feeling strange lately, or panicky, then maybe you might consider that as well.

Hey Gut, I’m a sweater and I’ve always been. I talked to a dermatologist many years ago and she prescribed me that thing called Drysol. It’s a liquid antiperspirant in a dab-on applicator. You put it on your arm pits for a few nights. You’ll see, the first few times, about 30 min after application, it starts to itch so bad it almost burns. Anyway, important thing is it works incredibly well. In fact, depending on how often you use it, it can entirely stop perspiration in the area where it’s applied.

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Thompson’s Water Seal.


Any side effects?

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Yup, I’m an anxious person unfortunately and I’m sure that’s the root of the cause. Okay, I will try shaving the pits and do some research on Drysol. Thanks for the tips!

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If you really have a bad problem and don’t mind the bare look, and have plenty of cash, try electrolysis hair removal.

The two methods galvanic or thermal tend to destroy the sweat glands from the lye/heat generated during treatment, something to consider.

First you could try an anti-bacterial deodourant containing tea-tree oil, also consider changing your diet.

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Shave you pits. I do and it really cuts back on odor as well as heat.

That’s the easiest and most effective solution.

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I used to service a lot of big NYC company servers with hundreds of users and it was nerve racking to go into a site and tell a boss that his 300 employees were going to be sitting around scratching their ass for the next couple of hours until you figured out the problem with the server or servers. I would start to sweat like a pig because of nerves and the pressure that flowed from every person in the place but I soon learned how to be the ice man I had to separate myself from the situation. I also found wearing a cotton t-shirt helped and limiting caffeine.

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Good suggestions fellas. I trimmed my armpit hairs but did not fully shave them as I didn’t want to get the itch when it grows back. I’m not sure as to how effective this will be but I will see. Electrolysis sounds interesting but it would definitely be a last resort. I never really thought about reducing caffeine but it makes sense for the anxiety aspect. I think I do consume a lot of caffeine so I’ll try to cut back and see what happens then.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Yeah Gut that’s your best bet I believe. Don’t shave them unless you are dedicated enough to shave them everyday or that irritating itch will occur and it won’t be pleasant. I trim as close as I can get without it being shaved and it feels nice and has greatly reduced the sweating effect I had.


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