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Boost Testosterone?


working out a lot, now taking zma

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I’ve struggled with low T and have read that olive oil and brocolli are effective since brocolli is a cruciferous veggie that has an estrogen damping effect (which directly affects how much free T can be in your bloodstream) while fats are foundational to building T (and like coconut & avocado oil, it’s a really healthy fat).

Heavy lifting is supposed to tell the brain to make more T (to facilitate the muscle growth it’s been told is needed) while plenty of quality sleep is necessary for the production of any and all hormones. The bulk of scientific research out there backs this up but I’ve yet to apply myself to either of those! (mainly due to busyness of life).

I’ve tried many natural and not-so-natural supplements, NONE of which worked (although zinc and magnesium are known to be required to facilitate production of T and other hormones). Probably like most here I don’t want to get on T therapy as it causes your body to down-regulate what T it is making (which some friends experiences have confirmed) so I’m interested in any suggestions to naturally boost T that have worked for you.

@Cheeba - I’ve heard the sunlight on body and/or balls thing anecdotally many places on the web but have you seen any studies/research (or had personal experience) that might support this?

Good luck!


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Zinc, boron, magnesium, brazil nuts, white button mushrooms, EVOO, gelatin, macadamia nuts, eggs, spinach, broccoli, grapes/raisins, liver, the list goes on. I highly recommend you check out or christopher walker on yt. The items I mentioned are stuff I use and it’s thanks to them that I got the knowledge on it.


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