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I wonder…

Would the BC muscle (and it’s other support muscles) be a Type I or Type II or combination of both (slow twitch, fast twitch) muscle fibre?
I also wonder if this might have something to do with premature ejaculation and retarded ejaculation?
Sorry, that’s a bit off topic.

It’s a commonly held notion (at least here anyway) that improved blood flow can affect size (I'm not talking about gains, real or imagined). Poor blood flow and the penis can’t expand fully and possibly not function properly. Isn’t this the reason why we kegel in the first place?

Pelvic floor muscles are active during erection and enhance rigidity .

Two improvements that I can think of , by having strong pelvic floor muscles are :
-preventing blood from escaping during an erection by exerting pressure on the deep dorsal vein
-pumps the ejaculate “across the room” and maybe improve orgasm feeling

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