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Russian star didint do shit for me. I just ordered 10% dht from superpharma. And yes the company is completely legit, its the one and only place I shop for gear.

Originally Posted by Bigmig1028
Russian star didint do shit for me. I just ordered 10% dht from superpharma. And yes the company is completely legit, its the one and only place I shop for gear.

Any feedback on this at all?

Has anyone else tried this exact product?

I noticed hair loss and possible prostate enlargement but no increase in penis size

In case you ever come back and see this thread again, thank you for your contribution and your legacy, Iguana. I’ll most certainly also contribute if I find anything that seems worth posting.

Someone posted a link to a paper about nano-particle delivery of sodium nitrite (NaNO) to boost testosterone level. I read the paper and some others referenced to it, and they all assumed that NaNO was good; the only new thing was the “nanotech” delivery system.

AndyJ - Essential Oils for solid erections

It turns out the molecular weight of sodium nitrite is well within the range of what DMSO can move through skin. That’s way simpler than nano-stuff, and I had DMSO on hand. So I ordered some sodium nitrite to experiment with.

It turned out that NaNO is only moderately miscible in DMSO. I added a bit of water to get more into solution, eventually getting about 20% NaNo by volume.

I decided the most reasonable place to apply it would be my scrotum. So I painted some on.

After a few days of once-a-day applications, the results were… nothing. At least, not outside the range of my day-to-day EQ.

Likely explanations are:

a) the whole NaNO thing is ‘fake science’

b) not enough was moving through the skin to do any good

c) the DMSO, which is a powerful solvent, corrupted the sodium nitrite into something less useful

d) the scrotum isn’t the optimal place for application

e) since I’m already on TRT and taking L-Arginine as a supplement, there wasn’t much for me to gain from it

I’m leaning toward e); I’m probably not a good test subject.

A local friend has a TRT implant that’s expired, and he can’t get a new one for a couple more months. I set him up with some supplements; boron, L-Arginine, and celery seed extract. He was pretty impressed with the results. I think I’ll give him the bottle of DMSO/NaNO and have him try it.

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Hey Andy are you referring to my post?

However, what I posted was a paper on delivery system of Nitric Oxide inside the penis to trigger an erection. This was unrelated to testosterone production.

Transdermal water-in-oil nanocarriers of nitric oxide for triggering penile erection - PMC

If you can replicate that it would be Devine.

Period 1: 06/08/2020 BPFSL: 22cm (8.66") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 09/07/2020 BPFSL: 23.9cm (9.40")

Period 2: 05/01/2021 BPFSL: 24cm (9.44") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 07/24/2021 BPFSL: 25.4cm (10.00") BPEL: 23.5cm (9.25")

Goal: 1 Foot x 7.5 Inches (30.48cm x 19.05cm) NBPEL

Yes, it was your message, and that’s the paper. I conflated ‘testosterone’ and ‘erection’ in my post, for some reason.

I applied about 1/4 of an eyedropper-full and rubbed it into the skin of my scrotum once a day. When I get a chance I’ll try more frequent applications and see if it makes any difference.


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