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Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Thank’s Thunder!

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Have anyone tried “size gain plus”?


I decided to read almost all threads of many people who tried PE Chemical here on thunders and other forums as well. Then, I decided to separate those who managed to gain with those who failed to gain.

For those who managed to gain, I realised that they had a very simple routine apart from the chemical; for those who failed I realised that they had complex routine; such as combination of pump, extender, clamp, jelq, stretching and etc.

Most of these members ignore the studies on PE Chemical and it’s application (read more on: http://appft1.u … &RS=20050065159

Mistake (1)

Use of IGF-1, I realised that most members inject IGF-1 in their units or bodies apart from prostaglandin E1. I read the entire journal and did not see a patient that was treated with IGF-1. The study said if patient has IGF-1 defficiency then it has to considered. The members here just cloned someone’s routine who needed IGF-1.

Mistake (2)

Most members just cloned other members routine and turn them into their own routine. I read the entire journal and it shows that each patient must be treat differently. Which mean a medical check up is required; everyone is different some have hormones deficiency, others growth hormones, others high blood sugar and so on. IGF-1 may in fact affect growth if is not required by the patient, it may produce other side effects.

Mistake (4)
The study said to stretch the penis for around 30 minutes daily only. Here I saw many members including pump, jelq, hanging, clamp which they thought the gain would come faster than stretching for 20 minutes alone. Let me tell you they were wrong. The more you put stretch on your tissues the more they learn to adopt the stress that you put on it. In one word is waste of time.


Start at: 5.7" x 5.3"

CURRENT: 7.7"x5.8

GOAL 8"X6"

Mistake (5)

Potaba. That’s why! Potaba is key in pe chemical according to the studies almost all patient were thread with potaba while members here ignore this aspect. Learn more about potaba http://www.drug … ons/potaba.html

Mistake (6)

Lack of erection time and strength required for growth. I realised that many members only had on average around 2-3 hours erection. Nevertheless, the studies claimed to be 3-5 hours at 90% erection. Many members claimed to have around only 60%-80% erection. You can see here less time and less strength.

Mistake (7)

Almost all members ignored the point 29 of the study. Which says: (29) A method as defined in claim 1 further comprising administration of a potentiator which potentiates the effect of the vasodilator.

None of the members in PE Chemical considered the use of “potentiator” which mean not enough stress on ligaments to extend. According to the study potentiator could be list from: DHT to testosterone use, for full list read point(40) of the study.

There may be more mistakes done by members who tried PE Chemical but the one I have list here are really crucial not to give a growth.

Start at: 5.7" x 5.3"

CURRENT: 7.7"x5.8

GOAL 8"X6"


I strongly believe that PE Chemical “specially enlargement through erection” is the way to go. If you have studied physics or chemistry before you may know the process of how corps dilatation and reaction to pressure occur; such as in liquids to solid corps or gases to solid corps.

If you read penis enlargement pills before you may realised that they are trying to create the same foundation and some websites also recommend exercise along with pills. The reason pills do not work is simple to the fact that none of these pills can provide you with 3-5 erection.

I almost forgot to say; many members also ignored the use of cialis and viagra which the study claimed to help in the process of growth. Why viagra and Cialis? Well! PE chemical may provide you with around 60%- 90% of erection strength which good but not good enough for enlargement. The use of viagra and cialis will raise the erection strength to 100% which is the boost you need to grow.

This is my contribution on the this subject, I am open to discussion, criticism and feedback.

By the way, I am planing to start my PE Chemical in beginning of august of 2011. Right now I decided to take 4 months off on any PE so that I will start fresh and ready to go.

Start at: 5.7" x 5.3"

CURRENT: 7.7"x5.8

GOAL 8"X6"

Hey guys!

I am going to start Chemical PE in august, I am finding hard to find a source of potaba without prescription; if any of you guys know any sources please PM.

Thank you

Start at: 5.7" x 5.3"

CURRENT: 7.7"x5.8

GOAL 8"X6"

You’re so close to your goal you could probably hit it with those 4 months you are planning to take off… :)

Iguana thanks man, took me to find that post.

I hope to contribute with your post, I have been researching the chance of penis enlargement through PE and chemical patents, as I’m from Brazil and access to remote clinics that perform this type of treatment are inaccessible to me.

Thanks Iguana.

And thanks for the thundersplace exist.

I'm from Brazil , now I have practiced only jelq + stretching + ADS (12h per day, when I can)

I'm interested in knowing more about Chemical Penis Enlargement.

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