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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

Originally Posted by frostyguypa
My latest order from ADC has been sitting in customs for 9 days now according to the USPS tracking info.

Anyone else have that happen before? My first order 8 months ago or so was in customs for a few days, but not this long.

My last order sat in customs for about a week. I think they (customs) just fall behind. It will arrive…

Originally Posted by C.C. Deville
Yes, it is. Regarding your ordering problems, are you using a prepaid Visa? A lot of them don’t work for international transactions.

I was trying to use my regular visa. Are they only accepting prepaids?

No, your regular card should have worked fine. (Although it’s a lot safer to use a prepaid Visa that is international transaction-friendly). I seem to recall them going through periods in the past where they were unable to process payments. They should be up and running again in a few days. Or you could call the phone number on their site — you’ll actually get a live person during daylight hours.

EDIT: I just saw that you’ve already spoken to them.

Anyone know where you can still find Stree Overlord “Type A”??

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Guys, do you know any site that ships their products from Europe ? I live in Europe so I would like to avoid the hassle of customs .

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Originally Posted by alin
Guys, do you know any site that ships their products from Europe ? I live in Europe so I would like to avoid the hassle of customs .

I hope this isn’t against the rules, if it is, mods please delete my post.

Alin, try shaz steroid. She sells all the popular ED meds and is located in the UK. The only problem is she requires a minimum order of $100 worth of product.

shaz steroid looks ridiculously dodgy. They have their spelling completely out of whack, had numerous complaints etc.

Is anyone else having problems ordering from I-D? I keep getting the address mismatch error even though everything is correct. I have also considered ordering from other sites but I am a bit concerned about buying from sites outside of the US due to customs and all of that. Please respond or PM if you guys can advise.

Originally Posted by JstAlttlMore
i been trying to order for the past week and adc keeps declining my order. I called them and they said their banking servers are down. No idea when they gonna be back up.

have tried paying all day chemist and having a nightmare im from the UK. I could not do the bank transfer. then they sent me an email with option to pay again. I could just enter my bank card details but then that was declined to..

Gutted as I ordered 30 blue pills and get 30 free.

Getting annoyed with them now

Can anyone recommend any deals as good as them??


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Last time i talked to ADC they wanted my banking info because their credit card problem wont be fixed for 3 more weeks or so. Hell no, I aint that stupid. There is no recourse if these guys decide to empty out your banking account. Easier to shop somewhere else then to deal with this kind of headache.

Bummer. ADC was my go-to shop.

I should have posted this earlier, but I just checked my emails.

For anyone that’s getting ready to order from ID, they have a 20% off coupon that works site wide. The code is “halloween2012”, but hurry, the code expires 10/28/2012 at midnight.

Does anybody have problem in the UK to receive generic sildenafil, tadalafil from India? I would like to ask a friend of mine in London to forwarding me parcels.

I can get Viagra 100mg tablets on repeat. Fully legit, doctor prescribed if anyone is interested?

(UK based)

Any updates on ADC?


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