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whats that testosterone cream called the one that guy was using on his cock to see if it grew bigger? i know all the side effects and that it probably wont do anything but i would like to try it anyway!

Just search testosterone cream on google. Then don’t try it.

i want to know the best one though! anyone?


How old are you? I get the feeling you are a young guy, and if so, there is no way you want to be messing around with testosterone and goofing up your normal hormone levels.

tyson - please review the Forum Guidelines (link in my sig). Thanks!

I am extremely skeptical of this.

Transdermals have never been proven to provide localized delivery. This can only be achived by injections.

Transdermals will provide systemic delivery much like pills. If systemic delivery would make one’s cock bigger, than all juicers would have massive dicks.

Hell, even if you could localize androgens to the penis, I don’t even know what kind of effect it would have. I know that during puberty, hormonal changes result in growth and hair growth in that area, but puberty is a very unique state, and cannot be replicated by any means available today. Steroids work through several different mechanisms to stimulate muscle growth, but the penis isn’t a muscle, and I don’t think that there’s been a lot of research into the effects of androgens on the penis.

Tyson, I don’t mean to offend you or anything, but it seems like you are always asking questions and trying to find “the easy way”. I would recommend getting a solid manual PE program going (which requires a lot of experimentation to see what works for you) All of the big gainers are big gainers because they know their shit and listen to their body. Perhaps you should consider starting hanging, if you don’t already. I mean, what’s easier than sitting on your ass? :)

Good luck in PE my friend


I’M 22 and I’ve already done a dbol cycle which went wrong I was ill for about 8 months! And I think I had more growth left in me [filling out] as for the hanging I can’t yet due to my tight foreskin,I want to gain some size before I go to a surgen so it will be less embarrasing when I have to drop my pants.

I’m also using renewal hgh spray for men which contains androstione and hgh but this is making me feel ill now aswell I keep getting pains in my chest.

You can get localized gel at avant labs, they actually have an interesting thread in their forum about it. Search for “hung homebrew”. The gel is called gel #3 and it says “not suitable for hung homebrew” only because it contains alcohol that would burn a little. The smartest thing would be to use a DHT precurser like 3-Alpha.

I know my father in his 60’s was on testosterone patches to help him, before the advent of Viagra. I wouldn’t even try to imagine someone in the 20’s not getting fried by the extra testosterone. No I don’t know how it worked for him, that would really qualify as TMI.

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