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Drugs, Androgens, Growth Factors, Growth Hormones And More.

Drugs, Androgens, Growth Factors, Growth Hormones And More.


I’d like to introduce myself, I am Rason, I am 18 years old, I am new to P.e, but as with anything I do I push it.

I’d like to open up a new angle of P.e, the use of drugs, androgens, growth factors, growth hormones and more..

[They’re is] There are two ways of natural P.e, inducing natural growth (some report to have done so with topical DHT/ testosterone/ testosterone analogues/growth hormones/growth factors). [They’re] There is no clinical evidence to support use of growth hormones/growth factors actually does create noticeable growth however their are some anecdotal cases, [their] there is some clinical evidence to support topical DHT can be effective however and anecdotal cases to support testosterone/analogues.

How one might induce a natural growth process like this would be hard to ascertain, it would have to be a trial and error approach and [their] there is little evidence to support drugs alone [C]can increase testosterone size.

The other way of natural PE, collagen reformation, forcing your penis to adapt to stresses put on it forcing your tissues to shape into a larger unit. Stetching jelqing, hanging’ clamping etc. all forcing different tissues to adapt. When we are trying to increase penis thickness we are trying to enlarge the tunica and when trying to increase length it’s my believe the septum puts up the most resistance, but also notably the tunica. These tissues are made of collagen a tough fibrous slightly elastic tissue, it’s this tough stuff stopping us [form] from having as bigger(?) dicks as we want, so collagen’s our enemy. Drugs are our weapons.

By all means try and take collagen on in hand to hand combat, but you can only do so much damage, it may enough for some, but I’m betting alot for you lads out there are struggling.

Do me a favor if you’re [R]reading and you really want to know which drugs can potentially induce natural growth and definitely aid normal methods, read up on the thread Collagen Considered it’s in the supplement forum, the guy [their] there is trying to use supplements suspended[ing] in a carrier to aid breakdown and repair, which is what we are trying to do with drugs, so there are useful similarities.

IF there’s interest and response we’ll get a discussion going on theories of how these drugs can work to enlarge ones penis.

Also check out the thread Chemical P.e Progress Report in the review forum.

Cheers for reading,


Was: 24/11/06: BPSFL: 7" BPEL: 6.5" EL: 6" EG: 5.5". Current: 01/12/06: BPSFL 7.5" BPEL: 7" EL: 6.5": EG: 5.5". Goal: 9x7 or bigger and I will do it.

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Rason - It’s customary here to link to other threads that you refer members to in your posts. I’ve corrected your post so the two threads mentioned are linked. (See the vB code link below to learn how to do this.)

I’ve also corrected some of your atrocious grammar.

There are several involved discussions for each type of drug or supplement you’ve mentioned. What benefit do you see in starting a new thread to discuss them all at once? Most of the theories regarding DHT, testosterone, growth hormone and such have not been proven or shown to have much beneficial effect especially when not accompanied by the manual methods we advocate.

Cheers Wrestla, I’ve got Chronic fatigue syndome due to a drug prescibed to em by the nhs for my adhd/dyslexia and have had the condition for 5 years due to doctor negligence, my minds nowhere as sharp as it used to be due to the constant mental pressue of just being alive. I currently undertaking lawsuit against the NHS for negligence as I currently unemployed and have no qualifications(even though I was predicted to get 10A*s on my GCSE’s, due to the drug I became fatigued and depressed and left education with nothing). They’re too much stuff that’s gone wrong for me to mention but this case should turn up a couple hundred thousands pounds.Just don’t try and show me up on grammar, I’m mentally handicapped and really pissed about it.

Most people looking to use these compounds either think that they would be beneficial for two reasons.
1. These hormones are in abundance during puberty, the time when our penis grows the most or atleast the fastest.(Hence if we increase them in adulthood it’s just like going through puberty again right? Not really the case.)
2. These hormones are all high anabolic and promote faster protein/tissue synthesis.(Thus their sure to speed up gains right? Not really the case again.)
It’s possible that with the right blend of hormones being used by someone not 100% through puberty, it could trigger further natural un assisted penis growth, purely enduced by drugs. DHT has been proven to do this in the case of micropenis on subjects aged under 21. Plus their are alto of anecdotal claims to the support/against DHT being effective.
http://www.ncbi … 7&dopt=Abstract
This is the same with most of the hormones I’ve listed. I am saying there is a chance no guarantee and will unveil a protocol I am going to exercise over the next year to that effect.

For reason two, steroids effects on tissue synthesis can’t be applied to the phallus, as the penis is made up of collagen, if you want to be smart about this, you need to understand this well, we’re not dealing with normal human tissue, it’s very unique.
We aren’t always looking to make more collagen, we might be looking to weaken it or reshape it, I’ll admit I’m not completely brushed up on this myself and thus far I haven’t needed to be. What I do know is these drugs effect collagen synthesis and strength and it’s easy to use these compounds wrong and make things harder for yourself. Strong collagen is harder to deform thus will reform less and become harder to deform/reform faster as the body naturally adapts by strengthen tissues put under stress. I’ve got figures on what drugs do what in relation to collagen synthesis and this has been posted in the thread Collagen Considered.
More to be added I’m tired.

Was: 24/11/06: BPSFL: 7" BPEL: 6.5" EL: 6" EG: 5.5". Current: 01/12/06: BPSFL 7.5" BPEL: 7" EL: 6.5": EG: 5.5". Goal: 9x7 or bigger and I will do it.

I don't want to love you, I just want to f$%K you, you should bring your friends through I'll f£$k you and them too. Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair-Xhibit.

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