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Fish oils - how much per day

Fish oils - how much per day

I’m currently taking 1gram of fish oils 3x per day (breakfast, evening meal, before bed with a shake).

Is 3 grams a day enough? Or to much?


I take 3 grams also with each meal. Not sure myself if its an adequate amount.

Fish oil is one of the favorite topics around here. Just do an advanced search for thread titles with: fish oil. Here are a couple of good ones:

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Adequate for what? And how often do you eat? If you eat 3 times daily, that means you’re taking about 2500~3000 mg Omega 3 daily (assuming your brand has a EPA/DHA content of 30%). That’s a decent amount.

American Heart Association thinks 1000 mg EPA/DHA is just fine for just about everybody, and I know Livsmedelsverket seem to think the same. I.e. not too much. Question is if you have some specific thing that you think you need to compensate for? More info on research about various conditions, amounts used in trials and results at:

regards, mgus

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