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GNC Megamen?


GNC Megamen?

What have been people’s experiences using GNC’s MEgamen? I’ve been on it for a month or so, and noticed an increase in ym overall energy, but not sure if I’m just feeling a placebo effect.

Anyone else use this stuff?


Bear with me, I'm learning ...

My problem with Megamen is that it has 2000% B1 and 1500% B6. Who needs that much? Get a more balanced formula and probably cheaper too from One-A-Day Mens Health Formula at your local grocery store.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

There is a short thread on vitamins here:

CENTRUM Multi-vitamin

It seems that “centrum silver” or a mens “one a day” is the best way to go.

However these two are not that effective products. I have used them for a long time, and they didn’t give help me. I am 26 years old and very athletic, fit.

I find B12 vitamin supplement to be the most effective for myself. It makes me feel fresh, energetic, focused. The pills I take have 16667% of daily value. I bought it from Walgreens, and the brand is ‘Sundown’. I am almost living like a vegeterian life, and these pills enable more absorbtion from foods that I consume. Also B12 is essential for blood formation and the protection of nerve cells.


is that correct or is there one too many 6’s in there

Yes. That is what it writes. This may be too much to take at once, therefore I split it into two sometimes.

Pretty much all the expensive vitamins are are massive doses. The reason for this is that your don’t absorb very much at all from a multivitamin pill.

I also bought GNC Megamen. Unlike One A Day for Men, GNC Megamen smells too much.

I use the GNC stuff, and find that some of the added ingredients, Gensing and a couple of others that most other similar brands don’t include, give me a noticeable increase in sexual drive right after taking them - so I take them immediately before bedtime, and a right after waking in the morning, but prior to getting up - sex twice a day - or more - is great…


Well what is the atual standard that says you only need 100% of this so called…whatever…in your diet, when maybe your body antually needs more. So maybe one person might need this amout…of whatever…to get their 100% that fits their diet, but yet another person needs more ore less to have it fit their needs, I don’t mind the extra vitamins in my pills because I find that the extra doesn’t cause any bad side effects anyways, and I know my body will use what it needs.

I agree. How do they know the daily values of vitamins? Is it the same for a skinny person or very muscely large person? Moreover under intense pressure, stress and fatigue, the body may need even more of everything. Therefore arguing that we shouldn’t be paying for pills that has 200-300% of the daily values is not very logical.

I have taken this previously but Walmart sells basically the same thing for about 1/3 the price. It is called Men’s Formula. Also, from GNC Solotron was about $4 for a month. That’s what I am taking now and I dont see much difference between that and MegaMen.

I have taken MegaMen for years. It is a good all-around vit for me. Every person and their needs are different. My diet effects my body much different than anyone elses. I may need extra C or D, you may not. Experiment. That’s why I always recommend people try the single samples a lot of vits offer. Always drink lots and lots of water with vits. If not, your body will not utilize them fully, and the vit can pass right through your body, undissolved.


Well another great thing about megamen vitamins is that they are time released. I think being timed released will make the vitamins more effective. Also, if you just become a member of GNC, you can get a bottle of Ultra megaman, or the regular megaman for like 20 bucks 180 pills on gold card week. Thats not a bad price for the quality your getting.

Like I said, you don’t absorb even half of what you take in pill form, so megadoses are more effective.

I personally take several cheap multis from Costco.


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