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Helpful Suppliments

Helpful Suppliments

It seems that the general consensus on the board is that penis enlargement pills do nothing to help PI. I have also read here that some herbal supplements might help with temporary increases, such as L-Arginine. Has anyone experienced better blood flow or erection hardness that they can logically attribute to supplement usage? If so, what supplements are you using?

I’ve been taking ginkgo biloba Jamieson brand as well just started taking L-Arginine GNC brand and have noticed a more fuller erect state, flaccid length hasn’t increased but may a little after a week or two of the L-Arginine (I’ve only taken it for a day and a half now) Prior to me taking the L-Arginine my erect state was pretty good with the ginkgo biloba but after popping a few pills of the Arginine throughout the day it sure did make a noticeable difference for me. You gotta keep in mind that it may not have the same effect on you but anythings worth a shot. I think as long as your on a good multivitamin you should be fine, I take Power vitamins for men Jamieson brand and they’ve worked pretty good for me compared to other brands I’ve tried.

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