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Herbs to make me lust after my wife again

I know regular pot smokers who are more horny than average, and they are in their 50’s. I wouldn’t take those studies too seriously, there aren’t enough proofs to make a scientific statement and many studies are devised in a way to show what the reasercher wants.

Again, it MAY happen and I know of several people who would disagree strongly with you. I haven’t said it’s all black and white.

Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
What is it with pot heads and thinking it makes you more virile, because it doesn’t. Studies have shown a lowered sperm count in pot smokers leading towards infertility, not virility!

Actually I meant the opposite: i think no herbs can really make you feel more attracted to your wife, or ‘more virile’, if you somehow grew tired and feel not attracted anymore to her body.
So I was just ironical suggesting that the only solution was to smoke something strong, or if you want drink a lot, hoping that at least it would make you forget who you are and who she is.

[btw, I never even smoked a cigarette]

Hehe, I was actually thinking you might mean that. The lashing out wasn’t meant at you directly but to people smoking pot in general as there is a lack of knowledge in many it seems. Especially younger people.

I’m just telling people to educate themselves on what they choose to partake in. Knowledge and moderation is key (for a healthy life in general). :)

And sorry if it came over as an attack on you, not my intention. Never having smoked a cigarette?, dude, that’s actually quite impressive these days, good for you. :)

Get your testosterone levels checked.

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

I couldn’t recommend enough that you speak to your doctor or find one (look to to do a full blood test.

IMHO, putting a band-aid on something isn’t solving the problem.

If the problem is serious, blood work is required. What I can tell basing on the post, is that it sounds like a prolactin issue. Some people have success taking 300 mg of vitamins E and B6 everyday, those are known to lower prolactin levels. Overdose of vitamin b6 can give reversible nerve issue, so if you try this route and start feeling tingling nerves or similar issues discontinue the assumption.

Prolactin wouldn’t stop the desire though, just the ability to double down.

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

I would disagree on that Boner. Although I’m not sure there are many studies on that, just going on a steroid forum will show just too much anecdotal evidence that high prolactin levels kill sexual desire. That’s why cabergoline use has become the norm in post cycle therapy.

But do you think anyone could reach those sort of levels without messing around with their hormones as bodybuilders do?

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

Originally Posted by marinera
There are no herbs wtih proven effects, it’s all bullshit save your money. There is no scientific on any supplement or herb that shows those can have any significative effetc and you know why? Because when this evidence is shown, they aren’t anymore ‘supplements’ but are sold as drugs and you’ll need a prescription. End of the story.

My personal opinion of course.

Off the top of my head I know of one herb study that was successful at normal over the counter dosages, no extra refinement.

Pycnogenol - Treatment of erectile dysfunction with pycnogenol and L-arginine - PubMed

Pretty sure there was one on horny goat weed also.

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

It seems it is not a double-blind study? Something to try if doesn’t have dangerous side effects though, which herbs contains pycogenol? Can’t find any info with google.

To illustrate my thought: if there is any supplement that has some remarkable effect, I think you’ll see it marketed as a drug or just made illegal, after a while. Yohimbine is effective at some degree for ED (although has nasty side effects) but in many countries it is an illegal supplement now, or you need a prescription. Pro-hormone (which are nothing else than hormones, actually) were sold as supplement for a while too, in some countries.

Green tea with ginger, awesome! Also try zinc.

Do other women make you horny at all?

Maybe its not you maybe its just that you have been together a while and things are not new anymore. The reward circuitry in the brain (sex) works and feeds on new experiences, old experiences give less and less of a response (dopamine response).

Yes, other women turn me on.. Very much so.. That could be a problem (never acted on it, though).

We also just had a baby (we’ll technically, she did), and I know that can lower T levels. But I feel it may be psychological. Any advice from longtimers with their wives?


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