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Histidine for ejaculation control?


Histidine for ejaculation control?

I want to improve my ejaculation, and I have been trying to find info on this. I have even considered acupuncture that one of the members on Thundersplace suggested, but I still didn’t try this. I have found out that histidine could be helpful, and wanted to ask the thoughts of other members. I have made a search on histidine here on Thunders, but there is no discussion on it other than some raw information.

I read that L-arginine helps with having erections… and I dont have a problem in that department, I think. What I am trying is to delay ejaculation. Has anyone tried any kind supplement for this especially like amino acid blend or some brand?

Here is an article regarding histidine.

http://www.cock … .com/histidine/

Histidine - the ejaculation-control amino acid
The importance of the amino acid histidine for sexual function is often overlooked. While it is already common knowledge that arginine is the amino acid important for erections, histidine plays a role in ejaculation. It does so because the body utilizes histidine to produce histamine, and histamine in the corpus cavernosum (the penile erection tissue) is ultimately responsible for the way ejaculations and orgasms happen.


The importance of the amino acid histidine lies in the fact that the body uses it to manufacture histamine, and histamine is responsible for a wide range of physiological processes. It is common knowledge that histamines cause the swelling and reddening in many inflammations and allergic reactions. Doctors therefore often prescribe antihistamines in the treatment of inflammations and infections, as well as allergies.

Less known is the important role, histamines play in sexual functions. By and large it is histamines that regulate ejaculations and orgasms. Men suffering from premature ejaculations often show increased histamine activity. They may be helped by an amino acid which counteracts the formation of histamine from histidine, or the activity of histamine, namely methionine.

Contrarily, men and women having difficulties achieving orgasms may be helped by histidine supplementation, as this may result in increased histamine levels in the sexual tract, which in turn may make orgasms and ejaculations easier. Older men who experience a slow down in sexual response may also ask their doctors about histidine supplementation.

An additional pro-sexual effect of histidine may lay in its vasodilating effect, thus making blood flow to the sex organs easier.

Apart from its sexual functions, histidine is involved in many other physiological processes. It is necessary for the production of red and white blood cells and supports the activity of suppressor T cells.

Histidine is used as a supplement for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, since it has been shown that in these patients, histidine levels are low. And last not least, histidine is, like many other amino acids, important for growth and general tissue repair.

Sounds like it might speed ejaculation. Luvdadus recently mentioned a certain pain drug works for him but he did not explain.

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I’ve read about this before…as I understand, Histidine relates to the intensity of your orgasm…supplementation may therefore increase your pleasure…so yes the same action behind your sneezes are behind your orgasms!

Originally Posted by Tube
Sounds like it might speed ejaculation. Luvdadus recently mentioned a certain pain drug works for him but he did not explain.

I totally agree with Tube after reading the article. It appears that Histidine would help those who cannot orgasm or orgasm easily. What you need to find out is what is the opposite amino acid of the Histidine, and then you can supplement with that. The articles states the amino acid exists, it just doesnt mention it by name. Now that sucks.

Maybe an allergy anti-hitamine medication like benadryl or sudafed can delay orgasm. For me, these allergy medications inhibit my erections somewhat. But it might just work for you.


The opposite amino acid of Histidine is Methionine, which is claimed to slow orgasm.

I have bought Methionine pills, and will try this for a while. I am actually thinking about going to acupuncturist, just like Regularwhiteguy recommended. According to him, this resulted in a permanent solution for premature ejaculation.
I have even found an acupuncturist in San Francisco, she said that she cured such patients. According to her I may need 4 sessions, each costing $80. And she said that I may want to use some chinese herbs,too. But I first need to go and visit her.

One basic reason I am trying to improve myself is because of a girl, and in general her sincerity. I was thinking that in average guys would last 2-3 mins, and that would be normal for the girls. Well I actually want to improve for myself, because a girl can be temporary, but I am permanent to myself.

In our relation we are very honest to each other about everything. She told me that I come too fast compared to all other guys she has been with. According to her, guys usually last in average 15 mins, some go like 30 mins with sex. She said that she wants me to improve a bit, because when sex lasts longer, it becomes more fun. And I believe she is right. I have few real sex experience. Hopefully she will educate me, and bear with me until I improve.

I will try to report my progress. I always like to improve myself. If I can improve from 2 mins to 15 mins in ejaculation time, then this would be a great achievement for me. I want to enjoy sex longer, I want to have more fun, different positions.


Keep us informed!


Acupuncture significantly helped me out in this area… PE did wonders for me, especially where I started at.. There are still some times where I loose it to soon for my pride but over all I still have the premature ejaculation monster beat down to size, exactly where it should be…


RWG where did they place the needles? Did it hurt?

In my head (the big one) and in my toes and fingers. It didn’t really hurt….

I’ve always found that the length of time to ejaculation moves in a cycle.

Also that the more I get the easier is to not come.

You can also train yourself to come to quick through masturbation. In this case you just need untraining.

I’ve also found that the opposite of the reciting baseball stats and such works better. Let yourself go. Come as soon as you want. And then do it again.

This was most beneficial to me after a dry spell. Was popping to quick but was incredibly comfortable with the girl. As soon as I let go, the sex improved exponentially.

Sounds like extinguishing fire with gunpowder, but I would like to hear more about this. What was your stats in terms of ejaculation in what you describe, in terms of minutes, etc…? In how long did you see an improvement?

I just wanted to report that after using 0.5gram of Methionine each day for almost one month, I have not gained anything out of it in terms of premature ejaculation.

I was taking 1 gram of L-Arginine each day in the meantime, and I can definetely say that it has a very nice effect on my penis. But I will not take these amino acids anymore.

Yesterday I was having sex with my girlfriend and I came much much quicker than I would come before. I was honestly not this bad in ejaculation, I was able to enjoy sex longer before around 2-3 minutes, but now things went down under one minute and even half minute. More importantly the whole night I was not able to go to sleep, because something in my head was keeping me awake. I found Dr.Lin’s article, and it sort of makes sense.
http://www.herb … cle.asp?art=127

Couple of weeks ago, I drank a bit more than usual, and I was able to hold my ejaculation for about 4-5 minutes, and my penis head did not get excited that fast. Alcohol somehow stops the nerve cells getting active fast. However there needs to be a stronger way to control these nerves without getting drunk.

I have ordered Last Longer 3 from If I see any positive effect out of this, I will report. If I don’t get any positive thing with this product, I am planning to invest on acupuncture solution, or I am open to suggestions from all of you.

Update on my premature ejaculation

I can say that Herbal Love product was not helpful for treating premature ejaculation(PE).

After that, I have gone on to try acupuncture, and I have been going to acupuncture sessions for the last one month. First of all the first time I ejaculate, I still have the problem, and I get very excited and ejaculate under one minute. However after the first one, I can reload in around 2-3 minutes, and I can keep on having sex. In the second time, I am able to last more than 5 minutes, which has not happened to me before. However I have to say that this improvement does not necessarily have to be related to acupuncture.

According to the acupuncture lady, if I have the first time PE problem for a long long time, then it will take more than 2 months to heal.

In anyway, acupuncture has helped me greatly in terms of feeling more energetic, positive. My allergies went down, and seems like my body is building up some resistance. Yet I am still not totally sure whether all these positive things are related to acupuncture treatment.

I will keep on going to acupuncture around 3 months, and try to report any further progress.

By the way lastweek I have ordered generic viagra, because I wanted to explore this pill. I ordered it from omnigen, and it arrived today. So it looks like the company is reliable. I wanted to try the product before I write about it. At the moment I have only tried it with masturbation, because I was so excited to check it out. I took half of the 50mg pill. In less than 10 minutes I started feeling different in my head. I assumed that the viagra was kicking in. Then I started masturbating. Well after the first ejaculation, it was so nice to see that my dick did not go back to sleep, but it stayed up. Then I started masturbating more, but I just gave up, because I had to go to work. I think generic viagra may create a very nice opportunity for me to try out sport sex with my girlfriend. The moments I was able to last more than 5 minutes, sex was really a fun thing to do, and it was like exercise with a nice finish at the end.

I just have two questions regarding the viagra pill. The pills they sent me have blue coating just like viagra seems to have in the ads. Inside of the pill is white. Is this also the case in real viagra? I am just wondering…
And what would be the expiration date for these pills? They have not written anything regarding this matter. If I can use it after 3-4 years, then I may buy more generic pills.

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All of the generics, and the original Viagra I have tried were white inside and had the same nasty taste. You probably got the real thing, based on what happened.

I would love to have more control over ejaculation too, so I’ll keep reading! I don’t have a bad case of PE, but definitely would love to have more control.

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