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Human Growth Hormone Effects

Human Growth Hormone Effects

To All: Has anyone here had any experience with injectable Human Growth Hormone compounds, such as Genotropin, or Saizen mixable HGH powder?

I have had several years experience with these and I am curious about a side effect that I have seen talked about—a so called BG syndrome or “Big Gut” growth from putting the injections into the belly fat area. I have had very positive effects from this HGH use in the areas of mental acuteness, reduction in overall body fat, increase in lean body mass, improved skin condition etc. However, I have developed a BG even though I eat pretty right and exercise. It seems like the more I exercise the mid body, particularly the abs, that I grow an even bigger BG rather than slimming down in the waist. I have very small “handles” on the sides of my body.

I have noticed no effects on my PE routines and on my PE in general. HGH does not seem to be related much to PE, as far as I can tell. Anybody know any thing about this topic? Please, comment and let me have the benefit of your experience, both good and bad. Thanks very much. B

Originally Posted by bubbawand
BG syndrome or “Big Gut” growth from putting the injections into the belly fat area.

Now I personally have no experience with GH, but from what I’ve heard the ‘GH gut’ is caused by smooth muscle tissues like bodily organs getting bigger. So it doesn’t really matter where you inject, although some have reported spot reduction from GH injections.

What would happen if you injected your penis? Maybe BP growth?

“growth gut” is caused by the growth of internal organs. HGH cuases growth throughout the whole body not only muscle. Extended use will cuase the organs as well as the heart to enlarge. I have also known people who have had to get cosmetic surgery in their face to shave down the growth of bone in the forehead and jawline.

You are taking too much for too long. I am very surprised someone using this doesnot know the sides. You better do your homework, HGH is fairly safe if taken properly but if not it can cause a long list of problems.

It has absolutely no relevance where you take the injects.

Out of curiosity what type are you using, jintropin?

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