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I need you HGH pros here.... dead serious

Oh My! I never realized men experimented with so many concoctions to warp their body’s into abnormal shapes & sizes. It reminds me of Jekyll & Hyde.

Or mad scientists that experiment with genetics. Pouring this chemical with that chemical till the solution starts boiling & smoking. Then it’s poured down someone’s throat to see what happens.

Taking stuff that has known side effects or other stuff that is used for something that dosn’t apply to you is basically a mad scientist approach.

What are you guys trying to do anyway? Turn into giants or dwarfs? How about a monster looking creature with tumors & black ugly hair sporadically growing.

I tend to think how you look now might be considered Dash Rip Rock handsome compared to what you are chancing just taking stuff.

Before you do start pouring down toxic chemicals & injecting genetic altering concoctions please consult a physician.

It is the smartest approach to finding out what potential dangers or side effects could be involved before using anything.

A physican could also help you in finding what would be best & work for you. Plus a sensible plan of action could actually get you results

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Originally posted by tyson21
…so although im 21 and I finished growing in height along time ago when I was 17 I think, could I still have more bone development like thicker wrists,collar bone etc… because my Dad and two brothers filled out at the age of 20=21 although they finished growing in hieght at 17 like me.

the reason I ask is im worried ive stunted my growth after taking some dbol when I was 20.

Should you ever be able to take enough oral GH stimulants (doubtful) to make much difference, you might see some bone thickening along with the soft tissue growth. However, you wouldn’t be able to control where the thickening occurred and it would probably be in places you didn’t want it like hands, feet and face.

I’ll leave the steroid parts of your questions to those with experience.

I am a 57 year old been a gym freak for more years than I care to remember but as age catches up finding it is taking more and more time to recover. I now use the Dr Max Powers HGH Spray and that changed all that. I am back to where I was 5 years ago no problem and recovery is really fast.

Originally Posted by dexterbenson142

I am a 57 year old been a gym freak for more years than I care to remember but as age catches up finding it is taking more and more time to recover. I now use the Dr Max Powers HGH Spray and that changed all that. I am back to where I was 5 years ago no problem and recovery is really fast.

At 57 I could do two women in one session wait until you hit 66 then see if Dr Max Powers HGH Spray makes a difference. the difference is in your mind and accepting some things you just can’t do it anymore. For normal sex and health I do not need extra supps unless i am going 2x21 LOL! you may wonder that does not happen but it does to me more than once this year.

The preceding post is a paid advertisement, or it reads like one. I wonder if the stuff works?

Of course it’s advertisement, the guy has one post, and digs up a thread 13 years old.

I have used HGH in the past year with good results. (Novo nordisk)
To overdo it is hard because the stuff is expensive, and you would need to inject over 5iu a day for a month or two. If you do , you can expect that terminator boxy jaw and those huge abdomens some bodybuilders have (yeah, intestines grow with this stuff when you overdo).
I am 35, used it for 4 months at 3iu eod. Got some lean mass, lost a few fat pounds, and my jaw grew a little (my teeth got more space and are straightening now.. Weird).
Still. The price is too high (compared at what you get at this age) and I don’t think I will try again soon. Perhaps at my 50s.

On the other hands.. You can get a boost in natural HGH by using IGF1 (insulin growing factor). There are tons of forums dedicated to AAS and this tricks.

And.. I agree. Any non injectable claiming to promote HGH is bogus. Tried a few, just herbal powders with weird taste and effects.

Newbie w Questions about HGH PE routine

Hi I am brand new to PE and stumbled on a program before this forum talking about using HGH and a PE routine. The TP forum is incredible resource. The amount of information and sharing is very relieving to see especially when just starting to learn more.

I wanted to get some honest feedback as possible, pro’s, con’s, etc.. As I’m very skeptical considering the amount of info on this forum.

Please review below and share your insights, comments and advice about combining a PE routine with a HGH supplement and spray.

I’ve only included the links below so you know what I’m talking about. I have ZERO stake in these companies.
Thanks, AB

This is the program that recommends a PE routine plus HGH

This is the HGH info
Official GenF20 Plus | Best Human Growth Hormone Releaser

Don’t think HGH will aprimorate or speed up the “gains side” of the PE process. Depending on what is your age, penis HGH receptors won’t be active anymore, avoiding to promote any locally growth by them.

Stimulating HGH is a good thing tho, because is a hormone compound that has absurd amount of vital functions inside our body.

Close control on carbohydrates ingestion, glycemic index, body exercises and enough sleep should increase and maintain those hormones at a healthy level.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 8.2” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

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I am a newbie so please excuse any repetitions. I am in my 50s and take injectable HGH , all the other forms of HGH (sorry) is bullshit.

Ask why a doctor doesn’t issue spray form, lol. Dr, Elmer Cranton was a pioneer in functional medicine ( were not related lol) and I began with his protocol.

It is important to have your blood work tested frequently and make sure all your levels are in a good place. I also take testosterone in injectable form.

I too am curious about HGH and recovery for PE and if I go off for any length of time I will report my findings. I can say there is a noticeable difference in general recovery without HGH

As Lenny rightly pointed out it can make you insulin resistant so be careful. I have had to eat Keto diet now to control insulin as I believe the benefits of HGH outweigh the negatives as we age.

You cannot get adequate levels of these hormones by diet and exercise if you are older, that is also BS

There is so much disinformation about HGH out there it is unbelievable



Just gonna chime in here and simplify this as I feel the most important points have been missed.. I think lol.

I’ve done a fair bit of research in the past on high and long story short only injectable high works other than that you’d need mk 677 these are your best bets for increasing high levels.

If memory serves fake HGH which I believe has an extra molecule or something can f*** your natural HGH production, the real deal should be safe in that respect.

If you have a way to substantially increase HGH such as somatropin or mk 677 yes you will make faster gains on ya dick as to what extent I don’t know.

Always look into sides before considering anything like HGH.

HGH is EXPENSIVE, so I doubt anybody young will have access to this substance hopefully. I think if your into penile enlargement seriously you should consider using it. The big gainer, way back when dr. adams was still doing penile enlargement, was using test and hgh, fit the bodybuilder type. In my experience the two usually go hand in hand.

No one should risk their overall health in the name of pe. Besides gaining penile size at an exorbitant monetary cost, the size of every organ in your body will grow…not good.
The amount of hgh needed to cause any kind of significant gain in penile length is not worth the cost to your health nor your wallet.

Best/safest bet would be to try a crazy amount of deer antler spray to possibly get some igf-1.

As far as testosterone to cause penile growth, the only growth that would occur is from the increased blood volume in your body while you are on a cycle. You could do girth work or something to take advantage of the flux of blood, but once you are done with that cycle your blood volume will decrease again.

Start : 7 BPEL, 4.8 mseg

Now : 8 BPEL, 5.43 mseg, 8.375 BPFSL

Maybe this is just a coincidence but while taking HGH, I’ve started to show signs of mpb. This was around 20 years of age lol

On another note, my buddy was put on HGH as a teen due to stunted growth possibly by ADHD medication. And he claims that he had significant gains in length. Hard to tell as we were still growing

You’ve made a good argument, the only problem that I have with this is that when you use the word “evidence” and don’t site any reference to an authority that would substantiate your claim. I’ve used oral HGH and know plenty of people who have, with great results. As a matter of fact, the fact that many professional athletes are banned from using some oral forms of HGH such as deer antler spray proves they are effective. Noone disputes the effectiveness of injectable HGH, but how many people can pay $800-$2000 for that? It’s not a viable solution for your average person, and that’s not considering that the individual would have to continue to use it. In the context of PE that’s not a promise on return that it will have on the penis size, especially after it’s use is discontinued. Say if it does give you an initial gain there’s no guarantee that there will be continued growth or that the initial gain will be maintained after the individual quits taking it.


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